We give you tips for Apple repairs!

The good news beforehand: Studies prove that Apple Products on average relatively rarely broken. The electronics manufacturer ranks the rankings of the least disrupted products in front of all other known manufacturers. And if it burns somewhere, the Apple Support is usually the same with expertise and helpfulness on the spot. So it has been at least our personal experience so far. Still, many ask: Can you do an Apple repair yourself? And what do I have to pay attention to? We give you valuable tips on what repairs Apple products You can do it yourself and what you should keep your fingers off.

You know that: You bought your Apple product and were unsure if it makes sense to add Apple Care as well. The send iPhoneThat great iPad Pro, a brand new Apple Watch or the small Bluetooth headphones AirPods So first of all, they are only covered by the one-year manufacturer's warranty. So far so good. But somehow the sword of Damocles always floats above the expensive, new product: What if the warranty year is over and the beloved gadget suddenly breaks down? In this case, too, there are ways and means of repairing the device. What should I do then? Do the Apple repair yourself or rather contact the support?

Apple Repair: What damage can occur?

Even if iPhone, iPad and Co. are very reliable, of course, can always occur damage that can not be easily resolved. Even a total failure of the beloved gadget is possible. For example, iPhone and iPad may experience battery problems, cameras may be defective, or the motherboard may be damaged. In earlier iPhones, for example, could easily bend the case, whereby the internal hardware was destroyed. Of course, Apple products also water damage is possible if the user leaves the device with too much moisture in contact. This problem is also at the AirPods by sweat easily possible.

In a nutshell, there are a thousand ways his beloved iPhoneThat daily used iPad or the MacBook Pro used at work to scrape. If something has happened to your devices, we recommend that you first contact Apple Support for help. In many cases it helps you already!

Golden Rule: If possible, contact Apple Support!

So far we've had really good experiences with Apple Support. Whether there is still a guarantee or not, the service can actually always help. The staff are friendly and well trained and can easily initiate many Apple repairs. As long as the products are covered by the Apple Care warranty or warranty extension, that's no problem at all.

It gets a bit more difficult, though iPhone X (test) and Co. are out of warranty. From then Apple repairs are in many cases subject to additional charge and can sometimes go pretty well into the money. Then many wonder if they can do their own Apple repair. In many cases this is not advisable. Especially when the devices have to be opened, a self-repair is very tricky. Then you should either contact the support or visit a certified repair service.

Apple repair yourself: scratches on the iPhone and minor, cosmetic damage repair yourself

The tiresome topic scratches! Hardly you have a nice one new technology product you have to take care not to scratch it and damage it externally. Sure, with the help of covers and protective films, the worst can be prevented. But do you really always want to be protected by your gadget? The more a technical device is in daily, mobile use, the more at risk it is to be quickly covered with signs of use. The Apple Watch gets so easy scratches and dents, And also the iPhone is relatively vulnerable to scratches, Likewise We tested the iPad Pro for scratches, And also The MacBook Pro 2016 is easy to scratch.

On the other hand, one has to say that the products are everyday items that are strained quite heavily in everyday life. Because of this, some wear is normal. But especially with external damage can be countered relatively easily and get the problem with the right care products easily under control. So if you want to make an Apple repair yourself, it's best to do the external.