All reports on Apple News at a glance!

Many Technical-Fans fever Apple innovations. Several times a year, the electronics company brings updates of existing products on the market and occasionally even appears a whole new product category. The company usually makes a big secret about the novelties. Accordingly comprehensive is the rumor mill too new Apple products, Many technology lovers therefore also ask: Which Apple products to buy when?

Many fans are waiting for Apple news

The electronics company from Cupertino produces many popular electronic products: the smartphone iPhone, the tablet computer iPad Pro, The Laptop MacBook Pro, the smart watch Apple Watch and in the meantime also numerous further products like the Bluetooth headphones AirPods and the set-top box Apple TV. The popular electronic products are very popular with many consumers. Apple is even the market leader in many device categories - especially in the premium segment. To keep the products up-to-date, Apple releases innovations regularly. The gadgets are either slightly improved or may even be retreaded.

Apple News 2018: New iPhones, iPad Pro and Apple Watch

While 2017 under the name iPhone X (test) the first time a long-awaited, completely frameless iPhone along with two revised, conventional iPhones with the name iPhone 8 (Plus) has appeared this year, three new iPhone models and several variants of the popular tablet computer iPad Pro appear. Among the iPhones should also a brand new iPhone X Plus be. The iPad Pro is likely to follow the iPhone X and appear with a frameless display and without a home button and with TrueDepth camera. In addition, this year will be the Apple Watch 4 2018 awaitswhich is to receive a significant and major redesign for the first time since the product category was introduced.

This makes the smartwatch one of the most anticipated and eagerly awaited products this year, which has been rumored many times. In addition, for the first time in September the popular Bluetooth headphones AirPods a significant update since the introduction as a complete novelty. While last year the only major innovation was the iPhone X., it should be the same in 2018 whole bunch of new and retreaded Apple novelties, We can really be curious about which products we still expect this year.

The novelties of Apple 2019

According to experience and at the same time crazy, many are this year Apple News not yet appeared, there is already speculation about new Apple products 2019. In the coming year, for example, the iPhone should receive a triple camera and a significantly improved battery, as evidenced by current rumors. In addition, Apple allegedly works on a new display technology for many device classes. In addition, the electronics company is planning allegedly exciting innovations such as over-ear headphones, which could appear at the end of 2018 or 2019 earliest. Also, the iMac is likely to get 2019 a major update. In addition, will allegedly worked under the code name "Project Star" on a completely new device categorythat could result in a mix of tablet and laptop. Also on a Virtual Reality successor for the iPhone allegedly be tinkered. Such an AR product will probably still be future music and 2020 at the earliest.

Salami tactic at Apple novelties

The fans of technology are excited and chase after any rumor that there are new Apple products. The company, in turn, issues innovations only sporadically. Product improvements at Apple are often very slow. From iPhone 6 (Plus) to to the iPhone 8 (Plus) the product line has improved only in details - about better processors and cameras received. Overall, the developments were rather small. Only with the retreaded iPhone X has Apple dared a bigger leap. We are really curious which smaller and bigger Apple novelties are next on the program!