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Apple Watch: The first impressive smartwatch on the market

The Apple Watch Probably the most controversial product of the major electronics manufacturer from California: On the one hand, the Apple Watch is the first new product category since the demise of Apple founder Steve Jobs, on the other hand, the smartwatch is called the biggest flop of the company. Nevertheless, Apple was the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Sport in one fell s the leader in the field of smartwatches. Is the purchase of the high-tech watch worth it?

The dream of the computer clock on the wrist is already quite old: Already in the eighties since the emergence of the personal computer there was also the desire, especially of many technology fans, to carry a small computer on the wrist. It should be a long time before this dream came true.

Apple Watch has conquered the mass market

After the introduction of the smartphone and the iPhone, long before the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 1, many electronics manufacturers have tried to develop a kind of smartphone for their wrist, logically known as smartwatch. The devices ran mostly with Google's Android operating system and were rather less useful in everyday life, most likely still to read the time. That changed only with the Samsung Gear S, a first rudimentary smartwatch, which, however, has blossomed with the upgrades to a reasonably usable and now autonomously usable without smartwatch smartwatch. The Samsung Gear is now available in the third generation with quite a large range of functions.

However, it was once again left to Apple to bring a device on the market that is really thoughtful and mature and also reaches a mass market. Even if the Samsung Gear Smartwatch has already put on a really decent performance, it took only Apple with the Apple Watch Series 1to direct the spotlight to the smart computer on the wrist.

Apple Watch Series 1: Smart Watch makes Apple in one fell s the leader

The Apple Watch Series 1 was the first new product category that Apple has launched since the iPad and the first product that emerged without the Apple founder Steve Jobs. As a result, customers and critics have looked very closely at what kind of product the electronics manufacturer has brought to the market with the Apple Watch Series 1. Apart from the fact that the Apple Watch Series 1 was sold out for months after the launch, the smart watch has made many enemies from the outset: The battery too weak, not properly waterproof - the clock was just protected against splashing and the apps have opened so slowly that you could get a coffee on the side. But only the curiosity has driven many customers to order the new Apple product.

Apple Watch Milanaise tested extensively

We have the Series 1 extensively tested as Apple Watch Milanaise and came in the past year also to a mixed result. The watch looked in silver with the Milanaise bracelet at least very elegant, worked in terms of sports functions also quite decent - and yet you noticed at the Apple Watch Milanaise still much room for improvement. It burned under watchOS 1 and watchOS 2 still at every nook and cranny. Nevertheless, Compared to other popular smartwatches, the Apple models were like the Apple Watch Milanaise not only functionally strong with the delicate bracelet, but also looked quite elegant for the proportions of the smartwatches.

Apple Watch Series 2: The smartwatch that works

The funny thing is: One year after the release of the Apple Watch Series 1, last month, September 2016 has been released The Apple Watch Series 2 finally released the Apple Watch that we wanted a year earlier! The Apple Watch Series 2 basically describes the learning of the electronics manufacturer from the mistakes of the Apple Watch Series 1. One might assume that an established, large electronics manufacturer does not bring a semi-finished product to the market, but the Series 1 was really in need of improvement. The Apple Watch Series 2 has much less problems with scratches.

The Apple Watch Series 2, however, is not a major re-creation, but contains all the improvements we would have expected from the second edition: The watch has an integrated GPS, is waterproof to 50 meters, has an improved battery and above all a faster processor, which is noticeable in a significantly livelier functioning of the operating system watchOS 3. The Apple Watch Series 2 is thus a successful successor to the first version and a purchase for those who have been waiting since the eighties for a computer on the wrist - and for those who are already had the first model and maybe a little disappointed.

Apple Watch 3 2017 and watchOS 4: The Smartwatch has finally become independent!

Meanwhile, it seems already certain that Apple will bring a new smartwatch in the coming year on the market: The Apple Watch Series 2 is certainly not the crown of creation. The Apple Watch 3 2017 will certainly receive some new features to give customers a new incentive to buy, With the Apple Watch 2, the manufacturer has already taken a big step in the right direction - so what else can we expect from an Apple Watch 2017? Clearly: The upcoming Apple Watch Series 3 2017 must work autonomously without iPhone! So far, even with the Apple Watch Series 2 is still an iPhone needed to operate the device. It would be desirable for all Apple fans therefore, if the Apple Watch 3 would work completely autonomous: One would have to install a mobile phone module and offer the possibility to install completely autonomous apps. In order to implement this, certain changes will be necessary and, above all, an improvement in processor performance: Only then could an Apple Watch 3 2017 function without an iPhone. We are really looking forward to see what great new features will be waiting for us with the Apple Watch 3 2017 and watchOS 4.