All contributions to the tech giant from California

Tech group and myth at the same time: The electronics company Apple from California is for fans more than just a manufacturer of Technology products, The company creates tools that allow creative minds to express their ideas even better, and has achieved cult status with its design solutions and high computing power among many Apple supporters.

Apple is now a multinational corporation that owns desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablet computers, smartwatches, and accessories such as headphones and speakers. The company reached cult status with many fans at the beginning of the 200, when the iPod launched a portable MP3 player that combined functionality and design in an unprecedented way. At that time, that was MacBook Pro, a notebook, one of the company's bestsellers.

However, the large, until today lasting success of Apple did not begin until the year 2007, as the technology manufacturer with the iPhone launched a mobile phone that had no mechanical buttons and a touch screen. Three years later in the year 2010 then followed the iPad, a tablet computer that also consisted of a display surface with thin edges.

Myth: Why the company got the name Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak told 1984 to Byte magazine in December, "Woz" Steve Jobs wrote the idea, "He worked from time to time in the orchards up in Oregon. I thought it came to mind because there were apples in the orchard or maybe just because of the fertile nature. Maybe the word just came to mind. In any case, we both tried to find better names, but none of us could come up with something better after Apple was mentioned. "

According to the biography of Steve Jobs, Jobs's name was conceived after his return from the apple farm. He apparently thought the name sounded "funny, spirited and not intimidating." The name probably also benefited from starting with an A, which meant he would be closer to the top of each listing. The company name Apple should cause problems in later years, as he was unpleasantly similar to the Beatles publisher Apple Corps, but its creation was innocent enough.