Even as a small child, I was most interested in technology. No matter if you have a stereo, the 486er computer or the first CD player. Nothing was safe from me. Already at that time I was a big fan of over-ear headphones and already in the year 2001 I immediately bought the first iPod. That was probably my entry into the Apple world and the beginning of a great friendship with the Apple Product world that accompanies me to this day.

And even today the curiosity is not stopped. My budget alone stops me, all the time Buy new home entertainment electronics and put them to the acid test, Yes, I really enjoy that. To my absolute favorites count Apple products, But also the Ultra HD TV, DLP projector, Bose sound systems, latest Bluetooth headphones with noise-canceling as well as various accessories from the iPhone case to the iPad stand to the external FullHD monitor in 27 inch are of course my favorite test objects. Of course, digital still cameras, such as digital SLR cameras and mirrorless system cameras, are just as much a part of it as the latest smartwatches and fitness trackers. Of course, home automation is also a topic that is currently on the rise, as more and more manufacturers jump on the already-moving train. True to the motto of Barney Stinson "New is always better!" I just love it out of curiosity, New Products try.

Apple products in the test

Why me on my side so many products of the electronics manufacturer from Cupertino under the magnifying glass? That just turned out to be, as I wrote some time ago my first review and this has met with a consistently positive echo. In any case, I had enough to tell about the exciting, sparkling IT products. Already shortly after the early iPod years I have the snow-white in the year 2006 MacBook gained. What a beautiful device and at that time still absolutely high-tech! In the university one was with the laptop at the very front with it. At that time there was still the PowerBook G4 and also the Intel processors were not yet built. That came only a short time later. The fact is: the exciting products from Apple have from the beginning my digital life and my journalistic work decisively influenced by have made my work more creative and diverse.

Apple Watch: We have been waiting for this since 80 years!

The watch on the wrist. We raise our arms and speak in, because we can telephone with the timer and see our counterpart on the color screen of the display. That was probably the dream of every Star Trek fan in the 80 and 90 years. And Apple has it in the year 2015 with the 1. generation the Apple Watch finally made true. What an incredible product! A watch with an OLED display that works as a fitness tracker, as a phone caller and as a timer. Meanwhile, two more generations have come on the market: The Apple Watch Series 2, which we tested extensively and the first was equipped with GPS. 2017 finally came to the Apple Watch Series 3, which can operate with their phone function completely independent of the iPhone for the first time. Next is supposed to in 2018 the Apple Watch 4 appear. An incredible gadget is the Apple Watch, which has changed our lives in many situations.

New Apple Watch Series 2 in Space Black: The Smartwatch makes a much better job in the second edition. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
New Apple Watch Series 2 in Space Black: The Smartwatch makes a much better job in the second edition. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

iPhone: Gadget for every day - all day

iPhone 2017 has already celebrated its tenth anniversary. Where is the time going ?! In the year 2009, I struck for the first time and exchanged my Nokia phone for an iPhone 3G. At that time I had decided to increase my productivity in my studies with the new device, which had no keyboard and only a continuous display. I succeeded in that too! And since then, I've left out any iPhone model. First the iPhone 3GS, then the iPhone and 4S, later the 5er iPhone and the iPhone 5S, the TouchID introduced. With the iPhone 6 Plus, the camera was so good for the first time that it made a photo of the title image in a print magazine. The 7 iPhone Plus was then for the first time a major design update and a major leap came at 8 iPhone Plus and on the iPhone X (endurance test), These new iPhone models support wireless charging for the first time, How fast but ten years pass - and we may be curious what will happen in the next ten years! This year is even the iPhone X Plus 2018 appear.

Actually, the new iPhone X wanted to buy as soon as possible. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
The iPhone X: Will shape the next ten years in the smartphone market. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

MacBook Pro: The ultimate means to an end

With the white MacBook, everything started in the year 2006. And the first student notebook has now become a long-lasting love story, which continues today into professional life. The MacBook never had the strongest performanceNever the largest RAM memory and never the fastest processor on the market. The products of Acer, Dell and Co. had ever higher specifications and cost half. But that does not make her any better! Apple has MacBook and MacBook Pro always combining design and performance. While the conventional Windows-style laptop came in plastic optics, had a battery life of two hours, and crashed all the time, you can be on your way as a creator Leave MacBook Pro at all times, The Mac works just fine, without big quirks. And that is still the case today. After the white MacBook we had a MacBook Pro 2007, then the first unibody MacBook Pro 2008, later the 2012er model without optical DVD drive, then the 2015er MacBook Pro with better configuration and afterwards the MacBook Pro 2016 with TouchBar and TouchID, which we tested extensively.

The new MacBook Pro 15 inch with touch bar in the test: What can Apple's new supercomputer? Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer macbook per 15 inch with touch bar and touch id i7 2,7 ghz 16gb ddr3 512 gb ssd
The new MacBook Pro 15 inch with touch bar in the test: What can Apple's new supercomputer? Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

iPad Pro: A complete desktop calculator in tablet form

Of course we grew up as fans of technology with the iPad. It's been seven years since the first version was introduced by Steve Jobs. Since then, the device has become our constant companion. We had the first iPad model, later the iPad 3, then the iPad 5 and after a short stopover on the iPad 6 directly to the iPad Pro 12.9 with Apple Pencil switched. A productive device beyond compare! We have the iPad Pro often as a full computer in action: We write on it, look at pictures and videos and use it for many tasks in everyday life. And now the anticipation is already great the upcoming iPad Pro 2018 - this should lift the entire iPad series to a new level!

iPad Pro 12.9 in the endurance test: The ideal companion in everyday life. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
iPad Pro 12.9 in the endurance test: The ideal companion in everyday life. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

macOS and iOS: Operating systems that move us

What would our Apple products be without the groundbreaking iOS and macOS operating systems? And what would our creative work be without it? Later there are also tvOS and WATCH added. Through the Operating Systems, our favorite products work seamlessly together. macOS is the centerpiece that drives the Mac. With iOS iPads and iPhones, as well as the TouchBar on the new MacBook Pro is powered by the mobile operating system. These products drive our creative world and allow us to bring all the great experiences into a form that makes them accessible to others. Just unbelievable!

HomePod: Smartspeaker deluxe

The HomePod is a high-tech speaker from Applewhich offers Siri support while producing a really good studio sound. The Smartspeaker has a subwoofer, several speakers and a bass. The new speaker will be available in two versions: White and Space Gray. It is compatible with all other Apple products such as iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac and can be as easily connected to the devices as the stylish Bluetooth headphones AirPods. With Siri, the smart speaker can retrieve all sorts of information and, for example, control HomeKit. The possibilities are almost unlimited with the new device. Among other things, HomePod will be able to access the entire Apple Music Library and play it lossless.

AirPods: So cool are the white buttons in the ear

You look a bit strange and took a long time to get to the market: The AirPods from Apple (endurance test) are at first glance pretty weird headphones. Two small pegs, which are in the left and right ear and look a bit strange from a distance. From the technical side However, the AirPods are all great tennis, The small headphones are delivered in a case that charges the earplugs. And once you take them out of the pack, they connect to appropriate devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac. The music plays in a fantastic quality. The AirPods stand out due to two features: If you take a receiver out of your ear, the music stops playing. And if you tap on the earphone, you can control the voice assistant Siri. These novel Bluetooth headphones work really fantastic and are not without reason loved by many users! Still in 2018 or 2019, the new AirPods 2 with improved features appear.

Amazon Echo, Samsung and Co. catch up!

As cool as the Apple world is, it's not the only one by far! Amazon, Samsung and Co. are catching up with their products and making the top dogs from Cupertino powerful. The fight for the best products is constantly in progress. Not the eReader Kindle is a successful product. Amazon has already advanced far into the TV market and has a huge lead over Samsung and Apple. With the popular streaming service Amazon Prime Video and the FireHD Stick, tablets and especially the Smartspeaker Amazon Echo, which there are now in several different variants, the provider is right at the forefront. And Samsung is also at the forefront with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. The manufacturer has long before Apple and the iPhone X released a smartphone with borderless display.