All news about travel

Actually, meanwhile my travel blog responsible for all travel topics. Nevertheless, I would like to give short updates in this section on which exciting journeys I am currently. Because true to the motto "After the journey is before the trip!" I travel as much as possible worldwide.

I like to blog about trips from all over the world and try to report directly and live on site - because this is the best way to portray the mood in a country and among people. In the last twelve months I have written live from Cyprus, Lanzarote, Mallorca and Egypt to capture the flair of the respective countries as directly and unfiltered as possible. For some of the more sensitive destinations, such as Egypt or Cyprus, which have attracted attention in the media more often from crises, a few first-hand impressions can convey a very different picture than that of the broad media public.

Diving and diving trips

Diving is my hobby and part of my job. Of course, this fascinating sport is also mentioned in my blogs. As often as I can, I put on the diving equipment and jump into any body of water bigger than a puddle. My goal is to visit and report on the most beautiful diving destinations in the world.

city ​​trips

City trips are also very popular with me: During my regular visits to Vienna, I keep writing a few lines about the beautiful city on the Danube. Of course, this is not the only fascinating city! In the near future, trips to Singapore, Paris, Rome and Barcelona will follow so soon there will be plenty of new adventure stories to read from these cities as well. City trips are really a different kind of travel, because every city has a different personality and you - if you like it - enter into an intimate relationship with the metropolis.

Publications in various print and online media

Over time, many stories accumulate, which I have published in various media. Every story has its own dynamics and narration. For the author, every story is also a memory and a diary. For the reader, the stories are entertainment and information. Only when the publication reaches and touches its readers, is a text really successful. Every story remains an attempt in it. The reader decides. In this section you will find a large number of my publications. Be touched or cold - you decide.