Selected current publications at a glance

My publications in various blogs, online magazines and print magazines

Publications by Sascha Tobias Tegtmeyer at a glance. Photo: Pixabay
Publications by Sascha Tobias Tegtmeyer at a glance. Photo: Pixabay

Already since the year 2003 I have regularly published reports, articles, news, glosses and many other publications in different daily newspapers, magazines and other printed products. At first, of course, primarily in print, because the public Internet was still young. For a long time, therefore, I was an advocate of the motto "print lives!" In my publications and I am still looking forward to every publication in a printed magazine. There's a certain charm in having his own work physically in a glossy magazine. Our haptic point of view is truly unbeatable!

Digitization led to new concepts in publications

With the increasing Digitization in Germany were too for me as a journalist and author new concepts necessary to reach new target groups of readers. I think 2007 was perhaps the year when the digital revolution really took off for me. This year it is iPhone from Apple (which has shaped my digital life significantly) and has completely changed the digital media consumption of many people.

On the other hand, this year I first had contact with WordPress - and yes, you are currently reading a text on a website that builds on WordPress. I wish I had the potential of 2007 back then Blogs and news channels detected. Instead, I tried one at that time Finance blog because, besides studying, I earned my money trading on the stock exchange. But after three articles was over! No visitor came and at that time I had no idea about SEO at all.

So while I was still studying, I mainly wrote for print media, and I limited my digital presence to social media for a long time, and other miserable attempts to launch my own website with a blog. Instead, for the first time, I concentrated more on online marketing, shop systems and sales on eBay and in various internships and work-study jobs from 2008 Amazon, At that time, many Marketeers had no idea of ​​SEO and SEA, because in this era, many things worked as if by themselves. But with the progress of digital transformation, more and more people were streaming to the Internet - and suddenly everyone who wanted to continue to be successful on the Internet needed something completely different: good content - that is, publications.

Publications and SEO: Sustainably reach readers

The 2010ers then began a radical shift away from printed magazine to online publications. Everyone started from now on, from Content Marketing to talk and needed - no matter if online store, blog or whatever - high quality content was needed everywhere without end. Suddenly SEO was on everyone's lips and who at that time falling subscription numbers and issue sales of "Print lives!" Spoke was just laughed at. And still I had no sensible own blog to independently publish online.

If I could, I would take my then-self into prayer and buy him a WordPress business account to get started! Only shortly after graduation I had the time and leisure, so really start through digitally, 2014 created this website and 2015, On both blogs, I began to publish eagerly. At the same time, I took over the management of the website in the year Top Special Verlag and made something really remarkable out of a small online portal for divers: When I left at the end of September, I had more than fifteen times the traffic! But from the beginning I have only subordinated to social media, but to a sustainable and consistent SEO.

I prefer digital publications to any print article

2014 was the year in which I finally turned my back on print and became an online journalist with heart and soul. Even back then, when everyone saw Facebook as a savior of traffic, leads and conversions, I was skeptical. I've always been passionate about SEO, and I've always seen the benefits of having good articles that add value to users. And that was also rewarded: While Facebook cut the posts on fan pages the organic range and Google punished with various updates bad and mediocre content, won my posts in many Google updates sometimes significantly in visibility. That actually got around and I did not need any advertising to get requests from companies that let me write text wanted to.

That was reason enough to become not just a digital journalist, but also a full-blood online marketing specialist. Approaching to the point just brought the label Agency for digital communicationthat I wanted to act from then on to cover all areas of online marketing and online communication. An ever-important area should still remain the lyrics that are under the working title Textagentur running. Since 2015 I've started, now and then Seminars and workshops to give or Coaching perform. And that is where we stand now: in the middle of the digital world and with every publication, with every online article I read, I can help to shape the digital lives of people - measurably and tangibly.