DIVING June 2015: "Red Sea High Three" - travelogue from Egypt

My travelogue about diving in Egypt can be found in DIVING 06 / 2015.
My travelogue about diving in Egypt can be found in DIVING 06 / 2015.

In the second week of March 2015 I was traveling in Egypt for DIVING between Marsa Alam, El Quesier, Safaga and Hurghada and true to the motto Egypt vacation 2015 three resorts and hotels - of course including the associated dive center - visited and tested.

Anyone who has already followed my blogs from the trip to Egypt knows that I took a close look at the diving aspects of the Red Sea as well as all the other comforts of the respective accommodations. You can read all travel reports from Egypt on my travel blog JUST WANDERLUST!

Egypt Holidays 2015: My resort and hotel test from Marsa Alam to Safaga

I was first at The Three Corners Equinox at Marsa Alam, then at Mövenpick Resort El Quesier and last but not least at the brand new Viva Blue Resort at Sharm El Naga near Safaga. I report on my experiences on this journey in the current issue of DIVING on eight pages. Let yourself be inspired - I wish you a successful holiday in Egypt 2015!

Xcel Thermoflex TDC in the test

But my trip was not just about the motto Egypt Holidays 2015: I tested a lot of diving equipment during my time between Marsa Alam, El Quesier, Safaga and Hurghada! In DIVING 06 / 2015 is my test of the Xcel Thermoflex TDC appeared in the two weeks in Egypt in the endurance test extensively. This diving suit really has it! What exactly that means you can read in the current technology section. There is my detailed report on the Xcel Thermoflex TDC in the test. In one of the upcoming issues of DIVING will too be my test of the TUSA Liberator Sigma II.

Even the June edition of DIVING is really exciting: In the category INSIDE current news about diving, sea, holidays and water sports seem to be on the spot. This issue is about the world 's deepest indoor pool, which is currently being planned and planned to be built in England. We also report on the big summer party at Atlantis Berlin, one of the largest shops for divers accessories in Germany. And thirdly, it will be about the event "Water Rescue Extreme" of the diving insurer Aqua-Med.

Also on the subject of travel are in the current issue again some exciting stories: in this issue, there is a large Malaysia Special, in which various destinations are presented in this holiday paradise. In addition, in the category travel my story about Egypt from Marsa Alam to El Quseir on eight pages. There is also a story about freshwater diving in France. Also a very exciting travel history: Unusual resorts - the most beautiful hotels for individualists. Uniquely unique hotels are presented here, where divers can enjoy themselves and offer a unique, unusual flair such as a disused oil rig. Also this story is very good, to get a few suggestions for the holiday 2015.

Not to mention the title theme: diving with crocodiles. You can do that in Banco Chinchorro in Mexico. If a diver becomes bored diving with sharks or other fascinating marine creatures, there is still the opportunity to dive with one of the planet's most dangerous predators. Read all about what it feels like to dive with crocodiles.

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