DIVING May 2015: "Can it be a bit more?" - Travelogue about diving in Mallorca

My story about the dive center Marbalear on four pages.
My story about the dive center Marbalear on four pages.

Where to go on holiday 2015? Not only in Germany, but also on the Mediterranean starts the summer - sun - beach - season. And of course millions of Germans will once again make a pilgrimage to the bathtub of Europe this year. For divers, the Mar Balear base in Port Adriano offers first-class service.

Mallorca is high on many travelers: just over two hours flight time and an infrastructure that almost reminds us of home. The sun island is loved by beach vacationers, hikers, athletes and partygoers. Those who are not so keen on through nights or who do not feel like hanging out with the family on the beach for two weeks at a time could also use the 2015 holiday to do a scuba diving course or, as a divers already diversified, one or the other to dive in pleasant company. Mallorca offers a good base for divers: Underwater adventurers can enjoy the cool waters of the 25 Dive Center.

Holiday 2015 on the Mediterranean: review and check the base Mar Balear in Port Adriano Mallorca in diving 05 / 2015

On my last visit to Mallorca, I really liked a center: Mar Balear in the chic marina Port Adriano in the southwest of Majorca is really a base of the extra class. Excellent service combines with Mallorcan friendliness and an excellent infrastructure that is second to none. When I look at dive centers, I look not only behind the scenes, but also exactly: How is the base equipped? Which infrastructure, such as Zodiacs, vehicles, training pools and premises, does a center offer to its customers? How service - oriented do employees behave? And how does the staff deal with the paying clientele? And of course: What's under water?

Under these aspects, I have also looked at the base Mar Balear. The center cuts in all areas from the best! Divers are in really good hands at Mar Balear in Port Adriano, Majorca.

Diving in the Mediterranean: how good is it really?

If you want to know what great dives you can do in the Mediterranean on Mallorca, take a look at DIVING 05 / 2015. As I describe in detail my very good experience with Mar Balear. And if you are in Mallorca, have a look at Mar Balear in Port Adriano and see for yourself. In any case: Enjoy your holiday 2015 - the best weeks of the year - no matter where you go!

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