DIVING August 2015: "At the foot of the volcanoes" - Lanzarote travelogue

Lanzarote travelogue of mine in DIVING 09 / 2015.
Lanzarote travelogue of mine in DIVING 09 / 2015.

The big reportage of my trip to Lanzarote is now available in the current issue 09 / 2015 of TAUCHEN magazine. Since my trip to Lanzarote, I have been a bit enthusiastic about this little piece of earth: Lanzarote is an impressive volcanic island.

The easternmost island of the Canaries is at first glance a very barren island - but only at first sight! I was on the island, visiting the three dive centers Rubicon Diving, Island Watersports and the Aquatis Dive Center. Fantastically beautiful dives with abundance of fish and wonderful underwater landscapes have mesmerized me.

Journey to Lanzarote: Omini presence of the artist Cesar Manrique

On land, the omnipresence of the world-famous exceptional artist Cesar Manrique fascinated me. Lanzarote is also at first sight an extremely barren island, which resembles Mars due to the all-weather reds. But even the second look the island really makes the visitor from the stool: fish wealth under water, art and culture above. What Cesar Manrique has created on the island is truly unique. In addition, Lanzarote with the tourist centers of Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca and the surfing beach Famara is a very lively island with a distinctive nightlife and many good restaurants. A visit is recommended to anyone who likes a mix of diving and culture. I myself did not have Lanzarote on screen because I thought it was a typical Canary Island with mass tourism ambitions. But the islanders have bypassed some of the neighbors' mistakes: the architecture is limited, buildings can be up to two stories high and painted in the usual white, ground and blue colors on the island. In addition, there are works of art and amazingly beautiful tourist attractions of the artist Cesar Manrique around the island. Lanzarote describes itself as a biosphere reserve, so that conservation and environmental protection on the entire island are capitalized. Also good for the environment and the eye: Lanzarote is certainly one of the cleanest tourist destinations in Spain. You can hardly find rubbish on the island.

Conclusion about Lanzarote

My conclusion is therefore clear: I swarm for this island! A trip to Lanzarote is worth more than just a thought! If you want to combine the really unusual panorama of a volcanic island with beach holidays, culture and good hotels with good food, is right on Lanzarote. If you want to be inspired for your next vacation, you can read all about Lanzarote in DIVING 08 / 2015!

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