Exclusive Story: All about Bad Griesbach in the Rottal

Great near destination in Germany: Wellness vacation in your own country could hardly be more beautiful!
Great near destination in Germany: Wellness vacation in your own country could hardly be more beautiful!

As an avowed friend of wellness and of various adventure and endurance sports, who also likes to sweat a round in the sauna and chill in the whirlpool after his strenuous activities, it was clear that sooner or later I will talk about the ultimate wellness mecca would write: Bad Griesbach in the Rottal.

For me it has the impression, as if the small, dreamy place a single, large well-being resort. In our permanently stressed society, hardly any topic has more importance than the ability to recover from hectic everyday life and let go. The ability to perform 100% performance and show full commitment can only go hand in hand with the ability to shut down completely and let go. This can definitely be our well-being.

Bad Griesbach: Wellness and Golf in the south of Germany

Relaxing requires practice! Bad Griesbach in the Rottal is the ideal place to try and let your soul completely dangle. During the day an extensive sports program with jogging, cycling or maybe a round of golf - and then forget the world in thermal water. The nature and the green landscapes of the region form the greatest possible contrast to the built concrete look of our cities, so that such natural landscapes can have an almost therapeutic, positive effect on us and our soul.
Let yourself be inspired by Bad Griesbach in the Rottal and treat yourself to a break. Maybe my report will be the decisive impetus for a healthy, positive change in your life.

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