My name is Sascha Tobias Tegtmeyer and I am a journalist, author, writer, copywriter, publicist, storyteller and storyteller of passion. The written word has been with me since early childhood, the day I first had a pen. It shapes my biography and life story like no other element. Since then I am writing and probably will not stop until further notice. Because the written word is my personal access to the world.

Print is okay - but I prefer to publish sustainably on the Internet!

Today I prefer to publish my articles on the internet, because with my texts I can reach more people via search engines and interact with them than with any other medium. Print is all well and good - and I'm happy about every printed story that appears from me. But my goal is to write posts every day that enrich people's lives and just make it better and are still read as Cornerstone contributions for years to come. I'm convinced that organic search engine traffic is the most sustainable and has the greatest value for everyone involved. That's why I do everything in my power to produce high-quality content for my clients and myself, which works very well in search engines and is often found even years later.

Articles by me are also in wide-reaching, well-known Online magazines like the HuffPost or the Online version of the Münchner Abendzeitung appeared. In addition, I publish on my blogs and Currently, I am already reaching several thousand dedicated readers with my ideas during the day and I am happy if they take advantage of my articles and their lives will be a little better!

As an author one does not write for an end in itself, but for his readers. With every text I write, I have only one goal: to give people new ideas and food for thought, to solve a problem with my texts, or to give people an insight they may not have had until then. Before every single text I write, I ask myself:

What can I do and do for you to make your life a little bit better, easier and enjoyable by reading my article?

The Internet is today the arena for it. People search the net looking for solutions to a problem or for input, inspiration, or simply help. Every day, thousands of people read my posts in a variety of online media and I am more than proud to hear readers write about how helpful they found my articles. The sense that the individual draws from an article, a report or some kind of report, may be low for a start. But with a reaction something changes - and the change may be so small in the beginning.

More than ten years experience in journalism, public relations and marketing

Beginning 2014 until today: content marketing, text agency, online marketing, social media marketing

As a freelance journalist and author, I work with publishers, businesses and individuals. I create Reports, features, travelogues, portraits, interviews - preferably online on the topics of travel, technology, water sports, culture, lifestyle, health, country portraits and politics. All my online publications are for Search engines optimized (SEO) and are on the daily different websites for which I write, read by thousands of readers.

In addition to the classic journalistic tasks, I have also been working for several years now successful as a text agency and corporate journalist with several companies as regular customers from the fields of fashion and lifestyle, health and nutrition, travel, vacation and transport, as well as technology (Consumer electronic) together, for which I publish articles in a weekly and monthly rhythm both digitally and in print. To write online articles Not only is it the most fun, it's still the most effective and efficient way for my clients, along with video and audio, to grow their business successfully on the Internet.

For some time I give too Seminars and workshops on all important topics in the field of online marketing.

Beginning of 2014 until the end of September 2017: Online Editor of the magazine DIVING in the year Top Special Publishing

As a "one-man online editorial", I worked as an editor, Content Manager and online marketing manager's website for the YEAR Top Special Verlag in Hamburg.

Since July 2016: Just Wanderlust - The portal for all who love the sea!

Operator and editor at - The portal for those who love the sea. Reports and articles on the topics of travel and holidays, water sports with Stand Up Paddling SUP, diving, surfing and surfing, sailing and a very special focus on the wildlife in the sea.

From the beginning 2014 until today

Exclusive print publications for the TAUCHEN Magazin - Europe's largest diving magazine in the year Top Special Verlag in Hamburg


Six years in the fashion agency at Conrad Hasselbach Shoes & Garment - online marketing, online shop support and public relations in Hamburg


Two years as a musical photographer at Hamburg's world-famous musicals


Six years of news, comments, reports, glosses and reports for the DEWEZET publishing group in my hometown Hameln

Journalism is a profession and a vocation

Journalism and text production is my passion. Since 15 years I write reports and articles for pertinent print publications. In doing so, I have always focused on the topics of travel and holidays, water sports, health and wellness as well as technology - certainly all the topics that interest me in my own passion. As a political scientist I am well versed in political and economic contexts and can also speak very well about this.

Professional background

Job and vocation: journalism, public relations and marketing

Master in Political Science

Focus: Journalism and PR

(Specialization: Political PR and Reputation Management)

Bachelor in Political Science

Focus: journalism and economics

Interests / hobbies

Fitness, wellness, traveling, family & friends, going out, longboarding, water skiing, climbing, good food and good movies

I live and work alternately and passionately in my adopted home of Hamburg and in beautiful Scharbeutz on the Baltic Sea.