Our work as a text agency: You have found the right copywriters in Hamburg! Photo: Pexels
Our work as a text agency: You have found the right copywriters in Hamburg! Photo: Pexels

For each of your text wishes, we can offer you the right solution as a Hamburg copywriter and text agency. Articles and posts according to your preferences, high-quality online content, interviews conducted on your behalf, SEO texts and product descriptions - we deliver content for all purposes in your company. On request also in the language of your choice. We are copywriters in Hamburg and are happy to personally on site!

My name is Sascha Tobias Tegtmeyer and me work as a freelance journalist, author, online editor and copywriter in Hamburg, I write for online publications, print journals, my own blogs, and many well-known websites you may have heard of. Communication is my vocation and my passion - that is why I am the one in many areas digital communication At home and can assist you with my expertise on all matters relating to online marketing such as content, SEO, SEO, social media marketing and newsletter marketing.

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An important part of my work is the text production: I produce SEO texts, advanced SEO texts, product descriptions and many other types of text, which bring additional benefits to my clients on the Internet. Meanwhile, a long-standing, successful and friendly cooperation with many customers has already developed, so that I can no longer process all orders myself. As a text agency, I also publish work for my highly trained team of journalists and experts. If you too her Texte let write If you want to, you're in the right place with us - we work with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

What does a text agency do?

A text agency produces texts by internal employees or freelancers on behalf of its clients. Text agencies usually work on a project-related basis and often offer on the Internet Copywriting Services at. The specialization of the agency determines which of the following types of text can be ordered: copywriting, Werbebriefe, Press releases, editorial articles, Website texts, Blog post, product, consulting texts, Company profiles, Destinationsbeschreibungen, SEO texts and much more. We have about the creation of very high quality Online content specializing, which makes a difference and is thus excellently suitable for search engines. I agree with my name for the highest quality of all delivered texts and

Our text agency services at a glance

  • "Turnkey", search engine optimized online posts of any kind
  • Blog post
  • Online reports
  • editorial articles for online and print
  • SEO texts and advanced SEO texts
  • Content design of newsletters
  • product
  • Translation of website themes
  • Advertising texts, advertising letters
  • Interviews
  • Correction and extension of existing articles
  • Translations German - English - German
  • from many other languages ​​into German
Copywriter in Hamburg: In the Hanseatic city we are very close to the client! Photo: Pixabay
Copywriter in Hamburg: In the Hanseatic city we are very close to the client! Photo: Pixabay

Copywriter in Hamburg: especially close to the customer!

Many freelance writers work as copywriters in Hamburg - and many of them do an excellent job and can excellent publications for you create. Each writer has qualified by means of tests, work samples and the continuous output of good texts. However, when it comes to digital content, ghosts quickly break up. My personal experience is: many copywriters in Hamburg write very, very high quality contributions - but when it comes to the online expertise, they fail. To put it casually in North German: "For online to text is another very different twist!" I look back on an 20 year online experience back and work as a copywriter in Hamburg and many of my clients are also from the Hanseatic city. That is certainly no coincidence: for despite of all digitization in Germany and the possibilities of "remote work" are still desired in many companies short service paths - which also includes copywriters, with their expertise directly on the spot show presence and can act at short notice.

For your very special needs, my name stands for extraordinary text quality and digital know-how. For certain professional competences, I can also rely on experts from many departments who can write highly specialized specialist texts for you. Our author pool includes authors who specialize in different subject areas, text types and languages. Depending on the nature of the texts, the topics and the underlying language, we assign the most suitable author for you. If you wish, we can also help you to create the right briefing for us and perform proofreading, editing and final editing.

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