Online Marketing Seminars and workshops for beginners and advanced: With our help you bring your business online!
Online Marketing Seminars and workshops for beginners and advanced: With our help you bring your business online!

My team and I offer online marketing seminars and workshops on content, search engines (SEO and SEA), social media and newsletter marketing. The colloquia are offered both as a beginner version and as an advanced version.

In times of Digitization in Germany Training is more than just a certificate at the end of a course, but one of the most important quality features of successful work. Continuous learning is deeply rooted in everyday routines for successful people. Particularly as an independent entrepreneur, but also as an employee, continuing education for the career and the personal growth are essential. As an employee, do not learn for the company, but for yourself. Discover as a self-employed new perspectives and improve your digital skills to keep up with the latest developments. As Agency for digital communication We offer you expertise and further education in all important areas of online marketing. All seminars and workshops are also called individual coaching possible.

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  • Seminar "Blogging BootCamp"
  • Seminar "Content-BootCamp"
  • Seminar "LinkedIn"
  • Seminar "Digital Detox"

Seminar "Blogging BootCamp"

Why is it worthwhile? a corporate blog? In this seminar, you will learn what advantages and disadvantages your own blog has for your company. What resources do you need for your content marketing strategy and how much time do you need to plan for the professional creation of your presence? In this introductory seminar, we also focus on the technical aspects of your digital presence: How do I set up my blog? Which provider should I go to? WordPress vs. other backends: Which one should I choose? Self-hosted vs. Full-service provider (Jimdo, 1 and 1,, Wix). We take the first steps with you in this course. Learn how to set up a blog, choose an appropriate domain name, select a suitable theme, customize the design and structure of the blog, and integrate its new distribution channel into its website. The set up your own blog and fill it with quality content, is certainly more than half the battle. In this course, you will also get an initial insight into blog marketing via social media: Which social media channels are there and which are the right channels to reach my target group? We give you a first overview of the social media channels and help you to choose the right platforms for your business.

Experience with the seminar "Blogging-BootCamp" vividly and in an entertaining way the way to blogging - whether privately or for your company. The seminar will be by journalist and author Sascha Tegtmeyer or given to a member of the team.

Duration: one-day seminar, from three participants - individual coachings possible

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Seminar "Content-BootCamp": Produce and market high quality content

High-quality and unique content is the drive every content strategy, Anyone who wants to be found on the Internet and wants to inspire customers for their services, today has to go far beyond what has long done ordinary advertising. In times of digitization and search engines, companies need to generate content that will provide people with a solution and really interest their target audience. While serving ads with more or less subtle references to the company's most important achievements in the past has meant delivering quality content to consumers in the digital age. Put simply, content marketing can be broken down into two steps: 1. Write contributionswhich offer your potential customers a particularly high value without pushing themselves and their offer to the fore. 2. Market these posts skillfully and purposefully on social media channels, in newsletters and through search engine advertising, to reach their target group with as little scattering as possible.

Content marketing is not primarily for direct sales. Instead, providing valuable information to the customer merely casually focuses on one's business and brand. Good content marketing is a tightrope walk and moves on the border between advertising and editorial content. In any case, good content is very, very charged with benefits and emotions.

Therefore, learn everything about good content in this seminar: Discover how to fill topics and find the right keywords. They will find out how to strike the balance between high-quality and unique content and discreet reference to their company's performance, while focusing on the company's focus and content. Formats for Good Content Many: useful articles, informative blog posts and rousing reports are a key factor in any content strategy. Because big search engines like Google are text search engines, text content is still trumps. But videos and podcasts also serve to carry your content to the customer. Learn the articles must be built to be found by their target audience.

The farther digitization is progressing and the more actors in the market, the better the content has to be to reach the customers. Do not leave your content marketing to chance, but learn to act professionally and in the best sense for their target audience with quality content.

Duration: one-day seminar, from three participants - individual coachings possible

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