Even today, corporate communication is characterized by carefully chosen words and subtly conveyed messages. Companies that want to survive the digital transformation therefore need high-quality texts from professionals in order to convey their message in the background noise of the Internet and to penetrate the reader. With the agency for digital communication - Sascha Tobias Tegtmeyer you receive all services around the written word and digital communication.

My team and I produce eloquent, accurate texts for your company in our young and professional agency for digital communication, which leave a lasting impression on your target group. We take over all tasks from the editorial, Textagentur, Supervision of blogs, public relations and press work as well as the production of purely performance-oriented SEO texts for online shops such as category texts, product descriptions and brand SEO articles.

Digital Communication Agency: Text Agency - Blogs - Online Marketing - Social Media Marketing Public Relations Our range of services at a glance.

Digital communication with attention to detail

Despite all the attention to detail, we never forget the big picture: We are not only copywriters, but also have relevant experience in online marketing, social media marketing and public relations. As freelance journalist and author I can already look back on more than 15 years of experience. A small part of my publications from the last months and years can be found here in my publications, Thanks to my early focus on online journalism, today with a team of online experts, I am able to write texts that sustainably increase the visibility of my clients on the Internet to their target audience and contribute to their corporate success.

In our small text agency you will receive customized texts directly from the pro!
In our small agency for communication with text agency you receive customized texts directly from the professional!

Write professional texts: high-quality content directly from professionals

You want write professional texts? Yes, we can do that for you. We write texts that are loved by your readers and search engines. To be found on the Internet, to reach the readers and to bind - that is our declared goal. Our text agency depicts the entire spectrum of text genres: SEO texts, blogs, texts for websites, short and informative articles, reports, press releases, texts for online shops, product descriptions and all types of text used on the internet. We are trained Journalists and text professionals from Hamburgwho understand their craft.

Our agency services at a glance

  • Content Marketing
    • Search engine optimization of existing texts (SEO)
    • Articles, reports, blogs, features, comments, glosses and many other types of text
    • Website texts and optimized content for landing pages
    • Texts for online shops: category texts, brand texts, product texts
    • Reports, informative articles, infotainment and advertorials
  • Blog Management: Comprehensive support for editorial blogs and corporate blogs
  • Media Relations, Blog Cooperations and Blog Public Relations
  • Press relations / public relations: press releases and press kits
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEA)
  • Newsletter marketing
  • Seminars, workshops online marketing
  • Coaching

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We do not write in the blue: Our texts are based on an intensive data analysis.
We do not write in the blue: Our texts are based on an intensive data analysis.

SEO and content strategy: The right context makes the difference!

The best text does not succeed if it is not optimized and integrated into a promising content strategy. Texts must be tailored to the needs of the target audience and reach customers where they can be found on the Internet. Good corporate communications do not shoot blue, but today relies on a solid database. The amount of search volume, the right keywords and a targeted monitoring and analysis of user behavior give us the opportunity to tailor texts precisely to the target audience.

In order to create the perfect texts for you and your customers, we use the latest technologies and methods. This way, we know what your customers want to read before we even start to text. Get to know our strategies and use our SEO know-how to reach more people and increase your sales. Because all efforts are of no use, if you as a company do not know the motives of your customers. The intention of the user - the search for a solution to a problem - must be the focus.

Use text optimized for search engines (SEO)

Anyone looking for something earlier usually looked into a business directory, telephone book or encyclopedia. If we are today in times of Digitization in Germany looking for information and solutions to the challenges of everyday life, we use Google, Bing or Ecosia. How many times a day do you google? Exactly. It is no different with their fellow human beings. If you are looking for a solution to a problem these days, google it. Whether the review for the family doctor, the review of the new smartphone or a travel report, which should inspire for the next vacation.

The user is currently still mainly texts. Because search engines process words first and foremost. Even those who post a video on Youtube, must rewrite it additionally, so that the crawlers of the search engine can find it. Exactly for this reason, texts are trumps. Texts are needed everywhere on the Web so that they can be processed and categorized by the search engine crawlers. And because all players know this on the web, they produce content that lasts. This of course leads to a competitive situation among the companies that want to be found on a particular topic necessarily. And here is the law of the fittest: who can build more relevance to a topic wins. If you have the better content for a keyword, users are shown first.

When the best text wins in the competition for the customers, you should rely on specialists who understand their craft and can help you to offer your potential customers the solutions they are looking for and convince users that your product is one of them Provides the solution they were looking for. Let us develop for you the perfect content that is loved first and foremost by its customers and by second-hand search engines!

The new MacBook Pro 15 inch with touch bar in the test: What can Apple's new supercomputer? Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer macbook per 15 inch with touch bar and touch id i7 2,7 ghz 16gb ddr3 512 gb ssd
The written word is still trumps on the internet - even videos and photos need textual descriptions such as so-called "old texts" or video descriptions on Youtube. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Search engine optimization of existing texts

The contents of your websites, blogs and online appearances do not always have to be completely rewritten. In some cases, simply optimizing existing content is enough. We can explore and see if it's worth working up and turning existing content into content that's state-of-the-art in 2017 and 2018. Existing content may even be the better basis for future success, because you are probably already listed on a specific topic in the search engine. When the existing content is processed and optimized, ranking profits are often easy. So you already have the foundation and you can start building a house right away.

Infotainment: reports, informative articles and advertorials

We really enjoy doing that: compiling comprehensive articles on a specific topic and providing readers with all the important information about a specific topic. We research extensively, catch up with opinions and quotes and finally create a comprehensive article. We can familiarize ourselves with almost any topic and already have experts in many areas in our team: technical topics such as mobile communications, computers and smartphones, travel, holidays, water sports, lifestyle, fashion, money and insurance, stock market and many more exciting topics are in our blood. We can easily familiarize ourselves with all other topics.

Reports and informative articles

Colorful reports are well received by your readers. Informative with many facts and at the same time colorful with pictures and videos reports should be equipped. These articles are cleanly researched information in an editorial context that you can use to show your readers how much knowledge you have about a topic. The interest of the recipients is always the focus. They know what your customers are interested in and give their interests new input. Ideally, an article solves a problem and gives the recipient valuable tips on how to solve this problem. Lovingly designed and honestly researched infotainment articles are loved by readers and can generate a great appeal. Let's work together to create informative articles that reach potential customers.


The situation is similar with so-called advertorials. They have a theme and tell us what we should write about. However, the advertorial has a much more promotional impact compared to reports and must also be marked as such. We will write you a post that positively highlights your product and / or company and presents the benefits in detail and at the same time informative. Together with you, we then look for a place where the advertorial can be published: this can be, for example, a news site on the Internet, a printed newspaper or a magazine focusing on your industry. The space in the medium of your choice must then be purchased as usual and the advertorial contribution should be marked as such. Many media offer individual agreements on paid contributions and discounts when, for example, an advertisement is booked at the same time. Let us advise you and control the reporting in your interest!

Creation of website texts

You have a website and want to fill it with life? My team and I can familiarize ourselves with almost any topic and, in close consultation with you, bring all pages of your homepage to life. Of course, we do not write our texts in the blue, but follow from the first moment on an overall strategy to ensure your success. We do a website audit and look at where your strengths and weaknesses lie. We then examine where rapid gains - "quick wins" - in visibility and pagerank are possible, and where we see long-term potential. In close consultation with you, we then start with the implementation. Together, we keep reviewing progress and thinking together about how we can become even more successful. The joint agreement is the basis for a long-term, successful cooperation on your project!

Blog Management: Comprehensive support for editorial blogs and corporate blogs

The management of editorial websites and Blogs as well as corporate blogs is one of the favorite tasks in our daily work, because this task is challenging, versatile and exciting. We offer in this area the 360 ° full service and a unique expertise in working with blogs. From monitoring and auditing your blog or website, to designing new content and social media marketing, to reporting, we love taking responsibility for an entire property. They give us access to their backend - and we make their blog a success! As a full-service agency in blog management, we have already worked successfully for several clients and developed a comprehensive expertise in this area. We love blogs and even run websites in our spare time!

Seminars and coaching: understanding and deepening social media, online marketing & co

Do you want to experience digitization vividly and learn from exciting case studies on how to use online marketing and social media for your company? For several years, my team and I have been making you fit in the online area. We provide coaching and seminars for those who want to better understand the digital world. How do I create my own website? Which social media channels are important to me? How do I build a target audience in my social media channels? How can I as a company reach users and generate or increase sales on the Internet? We provide simple, everyday solutions and help you to lead your business into the digital future. Find out now without obligation about our seminar offer!

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You can reach us by phone in Hamburg at 040 3866 4866 (leave a message on the AB outside our opening hours). Or use our contact form: