Apple Watch Series 4 2018: What features does the new Smartwatch bring?

Will 2018 finally come up with a new design for the smartwatch?

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 4 has appeared and we have directly bought a copy for testing. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Meanwhile, the Apple Watch Series 4 has appeared and we have directly bought a copy for testing. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

[contains unpaid advertising] When will the new Apple Watch Series 4 come out, and what new featues will the iPhone manufacturer's next smart watch bring? While speculation has been going on for weeks about many new iPhones and iPads, the upcoming Apple Watch 2018 is surprisingly quiet. But more and more is becoming known about the new smartwatch, which could be unveiled in September 2018, possible properties are rumored to come to light. What features will the new Apple Watch Series 4 bring to 2018? We have collected all the important rumors in our constantly updated Apple Watch 4 news ticker.

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Apple has just set a record in sales of the Apple Watch 3 and also the previous model Apple Watch Series 2 (endurance test) reported. The market research firm Canalys has estimated that Apple last year more than 18 million watches - of which nine million Apple Watch Series 3 - sold. This is Apple become the largest watch manufacturer in the world and has left the Swiss watch industry behind.

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In particular, the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE sold well worldwide - except in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, because the mobile service providers were missing here, the appropriate tariffs for the clock offer, so a report by MacRumors. Nevertheless, that is Apple Watch obviously a hit. And what comes next? Also In 2018, new, groundbreaking Apple products await us again, What innovative features could we expect from an Apple Watch Series 4? Meanwhile we know our answer: our big one Apple Watch Series 4 review you can find here.

Apple Watch 4 news ticker

Analyst sees Apple Watch 4 come with larger displays

11. July 2018: For the first time it seems according to technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo to give information on the exact display sizes of the Apple Watch Series 4 2018. According to the displays of the upcoming smartwatch about 15 percent be larger than the previous screens. Since the market launch of the Apple Watch in 2015 nothing had been resized - the watch was available in two display sizes of 38 mm and 42 mm. That should change now. The Apple Watch 4 is to be obtained in the small version 39,9 mm instead of 38mm and measure in the large variant 45,2 mm instead of 42 mm.

By the way, the analyst said nothing about the technology used. Meanwhile, there had been rumors that Apple 2018 could already use the MicroLED technology in the smartwatch. However, this is considered unlikely. Whether the rumors of the Apple Watch 4 2018 come true, we will learn at the earliest, if Apple presents the new smartwatch probably at the upcoming September event.

Upcoming watchOS 5 with third-party watchfaces?

16. April 2018: Also the upcoming operating system watchOS 5, which will probably be released at the same time in the fall with the Mac operating system macOS 10.14 Mojave and iOS 12 for iPhone and iPad, there are exciting new findings on the future Apple Watch models. Already in the code of WatchOS 4.3.1, according to the tech website 9to5Mac, it was discovered that future versions of the operating system might allow third-party dials. So far this is not possible. The choice of dials for the current Apple Watch models is quite limited.

As a user, it is possible to customize the watchfaces within a restricted framework. But complete self-designed dials of third-party providers are not yet. It might be possible that the new feature will be released in the fall together with watchOS 5 and the Apple Watch 4 - should it not be abandoned by Apple beforehand. We hope that the new feature will be introduced. Until now, the dials can not be individualized seriously and without compromise.

MicroLED display on future Apple Watch models - even in Series 4?

03. April 2018: According to information from the tech magazine DigiTimes Apple is working hard on a new display technology: microLED. The new technology will be available for all display sizes and thus equip devices from the Apple Watch to the iPad or even MacBooks with different sized panels. Rumor is Apple, however, begin with the use of the smallest displays - namely those for the Apple Watch. These are to be developed in the first step with the support of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and be ready relatively soon. The new displays are brighter, thinner and less energy-hungry than the previous high technology OLED.

Allegedly, the new microLED displays for the Apple Watch 4 should already be available at a start of mass production this autumn - or no later than next year 2019 for the Apple Watch 5. There will be a small downer, however, at the beginning: The new displays are expected to cost up to six times as much as previous OLEDs and should therefore be installed only in very expensive high-end devices. Already from 2019 larger microLEDs could also be used in other Apple devices, according to the rumors of DigiTimes. Apple should therefore maintain its own production facility in Santa Clara, California, in which test-ready displays are produced. The intelligence service Bloomberg in turn assumes that the Apple Watch microLED is earliest in 2019 or later operational. Larger displays should therefore be ready for the market even later.

Video: This is how a future Apple Watch 4 could look like in 2018

So far, there are quite a few design drafts for the upcoming Apple Watch 4. The YouTube video of EverythingApplePro shows an interesting mock up.

Apple Watch Series 4 could get big redesign!

28. March 2018: Finally, there is some momentum in the rumor mill for the new Apple Watch Series 4. The smartwatch, which is still expected this autumn, could finally get a major redesign. Many users of the current Apple Watch are now waiting eagerly for a new look and real changes. According to well-informed KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the new Apple Watch 4 is to receive a retooled design with a 15 percent larger display and a significantly improved battery life. In addition, better health features should allow owners of the future smartwatch to better monitor their health. The 15 percent display growth is to be achieved by narrower edges. Whether the device is getting bigger is not known yet.

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These new features might have an Apple Watch 2018

08. Febraur 2018: Many reviews claim the Series 3 to be the best smartwatch on the market and after the Apple Watch Series 1 (which we tested in the Milanaise version) and the Apple Watch 2 to be the first properly developed Smartwatch of the California electronics manufacturer. And what features could make a sophisticated smartwatch even better? Unfortunately, the dissolute ones are different Rumors kitchen for the iPhone X (Plus) 2018 and to the iPad Pro 2018 hardly leaks about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 2018. But slowly but surely, some rumors about the smartwatch are condensing. We once listed which features are currently considered possible among experts and analysts.

Page 2: These 5 features might still have the Apple Watch 4 2018!

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