Apple Watch as a lifesaver: That's the way the smartwatch can help

There are increasing reports that the smartwatch has saved users from dying!

Apple Watch as a lifesaver: The smartwatch may help. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Apple Watch as a lifesaver: The smartwatch may help. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Can smartwatches save lives? Again and again, there are new reports, after the Apple Watch has become a life saver by the high-tech fitness tracker detected irregularities in the vital signs and diseases were discovered in time. Apple Watch users were thus saved from serious health problems and even death. Which system is behind it and how exactly can this work?

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For many tech fans and users of electronic products, smartwatches were initially just an additional, relatively useless gadget and gimmick. It had Apple CEO Tim Cook already at the presentation of the first Apple Watch model in 2015 said that users will soon be unable to imagine without theirs Apple Watch to live. This prediction seems to be true a few years later. Apparently the Apple Watch can save lives, because you notice irregularities in the measurement of vital signs. Recently, a new case has become known in which the Apple Watch has become a lifesaver. The smartwatch had saved a man from Hong Kong from dying - and he promptly wrote a thank-you note to Apple Boss Cook.

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Smartwatch saves lives of man in China

The 76-year-old Gaston D'Aquino was startled by an alarm from his Apple Watchas reported by the South China Morning Post. Of the older man felt excellent and fit. Still, his Apple Watch hit the 01. April 2018 alarm. Fortunately, the Hong Kong man decided to go to a hospital. "I had read about these cases. So I knew it was something serious, I thought it was very important to go to the hospital. It was a strong signal, not ambiguous. She indicated that I had an increased heart rate, "D'Aquino told SCMP. He therefore interrupted the Easter brunch with his family to check in at the hospital.

In the hospital, D'Aquino told the doctors that he feels greatbut his Apple Watch sounded the alarm. The vital elderly man was then vigorously checked in the hospital and connected to an electrocardiograph, which records the electrical activity of the heart. The doctors were able to tell immediately that something was wrong with Gaston D'Aquino's heart. He was therefore referred immediately to cardiologists. "I told them about the Apple Watch that gave me this ad, And they told me the clock was pretty accurate, "says D'Aquino. After a series of tests over the next three days, he was told that of the three major coronary arteries, two were completely blocked and one was blocked to 90 percent. Although the pensioner in the best of health had been a deadly time bomb ticked in his chest.

Typical cardiogram of an Apple Watch: You can recognize periods of rest and activity phases (here including moderate jogging). Screenshot: Apple Health App
Typical cardiogram of an Apple Watch: You can recognize periods of rest and activity phases (here including moderate jogging). Screenshot: Apple Health App

Not only for heart problems: So the Apple Watch was a lifesaver

Not only for heart problems like those of Gaston D'Aquino, the Apple Watch can be a lifesaver. At least three other cases are known in which the Apple Watch sounded the alarm because the rest pulse was too high or too irregular. Even with a man from New York (32), the smartwatch could sound the alarm in time and probably prevent death. The Apple Watch user William Monzidelis was dizzy at work. He therefore went to the bathroom and has started to bleed there, according to information from moreover struck his Apple Watch alert and instructed the man to go to a doctor as soon as possible. His mother, who also worked in the family, seemed to Monzidelis chalky and both decided that a doctor's visit was reasonable. When Monzidelis arrived at the hospital with his mother, he had already lost 80 percent of his blood. The doctors at the hospital diagnosed a stomach puncture and immediately began rescue operations for the young man. According to the attending physicians, the Apple Watch was instrumental in helping Monzidelis drive to the doctor on time.

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