Digital Detox self-test: tips for a day without a smartphone, laptop and more.

For those who want to detoxify their technical equipment at least temporarily!

Digital Detox self-test: tips for a day without a smartphone, laptop and more. Photo: CC0 / Pixabay
Digital Detox self-test: tips for a day without a smartphone, laptop and more. Photo: CC0 / Pixabay

Digital Detox is right on trend. In the detoxification of technical devices and the Internet, users for a certain time renounce the useful gadgets and return to real life. What happens if you do not use internet, smartphone, laptop and tablet for a whole day? We tried it in the self-test and the result is more than amazing! For those who want to try it out for themselves, we have some valuable tips!

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I have recently read the phrase "Offline is the new luxury" more often. Because there really is something to it: Many people today live in a kind of symbiosis with their digital devices. I use my gadgets for several hours a day. The iPhone, my MacBook Pro and mine iPad Pro are my tools and daily companions. I spend most of my working day using this gadget to research the internet, keep social media going, take pictures, or write articles.

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Also in my free time is my iPhone X (endurance test) my constant companion. I take photos with my smartphone again, listen to audiobooks, music and podcasts. I also read a lot on smartphone and tablet. At the I let the Runtastic app runto record my route. Actually, there's always a reason to mess around with one of the devices and waste your time. We all have different usage habits. But one thing is clear: More and more, our lives are played out on digital gadgets and get out of the real world. To a certain extent, this also has its justification. We are more productive at work than at the time of the typewriter. We can capture our lives everywhere in photos at any time and have beautiful memories that we can share with our friends. And My fitness tracking with Runtastic makes me more powerful during training.

But above all, the use of smartphone and Co. can make you sick and negative on the health impact. Therefore, at least now and again time for digital detox, so a detoxification of the Internet and the associated technical equipment.

Smartphone addiction can make you sick

Researchers at Korea University in Seoul have investigated how smartphone addiction can affect the brain. I would like to briefly summarize the results of this (unfortunately unrepresentative) study: The study tested 19 16-age individuals for whom the researchers were able to prove a smartphone addiction. A second group did not show any addiction to internet or smartphones when ranking. The adolescents diagnosed with the dependence were subsequently examined by magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS). It turned out that in the kids actually the neurochemistry of the brain was out of joint. The altered functioning of the brain has often led to depression and anxiety in patients, as is often the case in addicted patients.

Digital detoxification: Some people can not leave their fingers off their smartphones. Photo: CC0 / Pixabay
Digital detoxification: Some people can not leave their fingers off their smartphones. Photo: CC0 / Pixabay

Some of the participants changed their behavior after the study by psychotherapy. The researchers were then able to detect an improvement in neurochemistry. Overall, the study is somewhat cautious due to the low number of subjects, but in general, the trend seems to be clear: Smartphones & Co. are changing the way we live, how we think and feel, and could have profound implications for brain function to have. Reason enough for me to go back to the roots and spend some time without a smartphone.

Digital detox in the self-test: detoxification of smartphones, computers and the Internet

Since I practically do not work weekdays during work my iPhone X, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro I have relinquished the Internet-free time on the weekend. I put my smartphone to rest on Friday night, packed the laptop in his case, filed the Apple Watch and also hid the iPad well, so I did not even get stupid thoughts. The goal: to spend the whole Saturday and Sunday without the electronic gadgets! From now on will be detoxified - digital detox, I'm coming!

The initially dull feeling in the stomach is followed by a kind of spirit of optimism!

The realization: I am completely addicted to smartphones!

On Friday evening I was still confident that abstinence from the technical equipment would not be a problem at all, everything changed on Saturday morning shortly after waking up. How should I read the newspaper on the iPad now? I feel isolated and cut off from the world because I do not get the latest articles and information about world affairs. First discomfort sets in. Buying a newspaper at the bakery is not an option - most of the news in it I read yesterday on the Internet. Well, no need to worry, there is no news today! Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and various current analysis data from my projects can also not check - but I can live surprisingly well. I'm obviously not addicted to Facebook.

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