Bluetooth headphones AirPods: scratches, dirt and care tips

Especially the charging cradle is prone to scratches and dirt: what can be done about it?

The current AirPods of the first generation are extremely popular among users - the customer satisfaction is high. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
The current AirPods of the first generation are extremely popular among users - the customer satisfaction is high. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

[contains unpaid advertising] Apple's Bluetooth AirPods headphones are among the most popular wireless earplugs ever. We've been using the headphones for almost half a year and have noticed that the small white earplugs magically attract scratches and dirt. Worse hit is the charging cradle. How can you protect the AirPods against scratches? We also give some valuable care tips on how to handle the dirt in the charging cradle!

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After just under half a year of use are ours AirPods headphones (endurance test) become the daily standard equipment, without which we do not leave the house any more. They have rich sound and connect immediately - reliably. That's what makes them so incredibly useful. Regardless of whether to listen to music while jogging, as a hands-free device while driving or listen to the audiobook while relaxing - the headphones are used every day for several hours! You do not have to say more about the positive characteristics of the headphones. But what about scratches, dirt and other problems with the AirPods?

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AirPods: Scratches especially a problem on the charging cradle

As good as the headphones in their functionality fallen: The AirPods get scratches particularly easy on the charging cradle. The plastic of this case seems to be particularly vulnerable to our personal experience. We usually transport the AirPods very carefully. We never leave them on rough surfaces and put them in a bag together with the keys (that would be deadly for the case). And yet our AirPods charging cradle has caught fierce scratches. Therefore, she seems to be quite vulnerable. The problem with the earplugs themselves is that the glued seams turn darker as they continue to use - again, this is not particularly nice to look at, but tends to be less problematic. The actual AirPods scratch problem is on the charging cradle, as the following photo shows quite impressively:

AirPods: scratches despite really careful handling. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
AirPods: scratches despite really careful handling. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

I had even made fun of another, friendly AirPods owner, whose charging cradle was totally scratched after a few weeks. At that time, I said that was not going to happen to me. And now the Charging Cradle of AirPods is so scratched despite careful handling, as I have the earplugs for two years in operation.

As already described, you can get some of the scratches in the AirPods load with polishes under control. However, this only applies to the finer scratches. You do not get deeper places in order. On my next AirPods (which I'm guaranteed to order again, because I am extremely satisfied with the functionality of the Bluetooth headphones), I'll use a protective case right from the start. Because what annoys one real technology fan more than if his gadgets are scratched ?!

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