iPhone X (Plus): 2018 come the super smartphones

What is the current state of rumors about the 2018er iPhones?

The rumors are thickening: 2018 may come with a huge iPhone X Plus with 6.5 inch display. Photo: Youtube
The rumors are thickening: 2018 may come with a huge iPhone X Plus with 6.5 inch display. Photo: Youtube

[contains unpaid advertising] The rumors about the iPhone 2018 is now in full swing. This year, the electronics company from Cupertino is to open a line-up of new smartphones that has washed itself. Then three new models are to appear - including an iPhone X Plus with a huge screen diagonal of 6,5 inches. What information is currently available for the new over-smartphone? Meanwhile, it turns out that this year another iPhone model could become the new shooting star: the 2018er iPhone with 6.1 inch LCD screen. What is the current state of affairs? The news ticker for the new iPhone 2018 rumors is constantly updated.

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To buy the iPhone X. has only been possible for a short time, since the first rumors about Apple's upcoming super phones are already appearing. We have Hardly tried the iPhone X in the endurance test, it's about the next big thing again. And the specifications will be a few Apple fans the ears ring: That new iPhone 2018 will come in three variantswhich should make many friends of subtle gadgets into raptures. We are already in anticipation the new iPhone models and will certainly not be able to keep their hands offas soon as the devices are on the market.

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And while the line-up should look like this, if KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with his predictions to the new Apple products Right: 2018 released an iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus, a mid-size iPhone with 6.1 inch LCD display and cheaper price, as well as a new iPhone SE 2.

iPhone X (Plus) 2018 news ticker updates

Apple is reportedly launching production of the A12 processor for the upcoming iPhones

24. May 2018: Finally it gets serious with the new iPhones 2018, the New seem to be within reach. According to information from the news service Bloomberg the Apple supplier TSMC is said to have already started mass production of the new A12 processor for the next generation of mobile devices. Already the current A11 Bionic processor in the latest iPhone X and iPhone 8 (Plus) was a real hit with many new features like Augmented Reality and TrueDepth camera for FaceID. This chip has already made many current smartphones look old with its performance. With the upcoming A12, Apple should once again put one on top and make the chip even more powerful. Details are not yet known. However, experts suspect that the chip could be up to 40 percent more energy efficient. This could then either have a positive effect on the top performance or a longer battery life.

Upcoming iPhones with USB C cables and fast chargers as standard?

02. May 2018: We especially like this rumor! Allegedly, Apple should equip the entire 2018er iPhone lineup with fast chargers and USB-C cables. Although already the current iPhone X and the iPhone 8 (Plus) are able to be charged via a corresponding USB-C cable particularly fast, Apple has the devices still the older USB to Lightning cable attached. Supposedly a newly developed 18W power supply and a USB-C to Lightning cable will be shipped directly with the new lineup. Previously you had to buy additional cable and power adapter to load his smartphone extra quickly. As MacLife reports, the cell phones could be charged with the new charger in 30 minutes about 50 percent - so much faster than currently possible with USB A and 5 Watt power supply.

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This year's top iPhone should probably be even more expensive than the current iPhone X.

13. April 2018: As Business Insider reports, analysts at Bank UBS assume that the upcoming high-end smartphone, which could possibly carry the name iPhone X Plus, will be even more expensive than the current 10 iPhone. So far, many analysts had assumed that the upcoming Apple smartphones could be cheaper, because the technology built dari could also cheapen. The big iPhone with 6.5 inch OLED could then start in the US at 1100 dollars, so 100 Euro was more than the introductory price in the US 2017. According to the analysts, the strategy behind it is to launch a very expensive smartphone with many features for a solvent clientele. This is followed by other models, which are cheaper and at the same time have fewer functions. Sounds quite obvious.

iSight Trio: New iPhones soon with triple camera?

09. April 2018: As MacRumours and 9to5Mac report, future top models of the iPhone will get a newly developed camera with three lenses. So far, the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus Rear view cameras with two lenses - one as wide angle, a second as zoom. Only in September 2016 the dual camera was introduced to improve the image quality when zooming in and at night. Especially with cameras, there is great competition between the smartphone manufacturers. Improved image quality is therefore the measure of all things.

iPhone X 2018 cheaper than its predecessor?

26. March 2018: Once again, the hour has hit the analysts who new rumors about the upcoming iPhone models sprinkle, Accordingly, the upcoming iPhone X is already starting at 899 dollars. The well-informed blog macrumours.com reports, citing RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani. Accordingly, the cheaper price could boost the sale of the 5.8 inch iPhone X significantly. The supposed iPhone X Plus sees Daryanani then priced on the state of the current Xer iPhone at 999 dollars. On the dollar prices still the VAT must be set off. Rumor has it that the sales of the flagship smartphone in spring 2018 have been reduced. Many experts suspect that these weaker sales figures are due to the high price of the premium cell phone. Should Apple actually adjust prices, according to Macrumours, the 6.5 inch iPhone X Plus 999 dollar, the 5.8 inch iPhone X 899 dollars, the 6.1 inch LCD iPhone 799 dollars, the 8er iPhones between 549 and 669 dollars, the iPhone 7 models between 449 and start 569 Euro and the iPhone SE at 349 dollars. These prices are of course only speculation at this time. How much the upcoming iPhones will really cost will be announced at the earliest for presentation in September 2018. With a little luck, then the Watch Apple 4 and the AirPods of 2. generation to be introduced.

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The Notch disappears: Smaller TrueDepth camera bulge already 2018?

08. March 2018: Currently, much is in the rumor mill for the new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus 2018 to further develop the TrueDepth camera. For a long time analysts assumed that Apple will make little changes to the camera system in 2018. Accordingly, all new models should get a little technically modified TrueDepth camera for Face ID recognition and virtual reality applications, which had already got the iPhone X 2017.

Now, however, the voices of analysts are growing, believing that Apple is already working on a smaller Notch for the 2018er iPhones - the notch that is on top of the camera system. Korea's 2018er smartphones are said to be getting thinner edges and smaller bulges for the TrueDepth camera, according to a Korea-based technology website. The analysts assume that Apple is working diligently to ban the Notch called bulge to 2019 completely from the display of the iPhone. According to this, the iPhone manufacturer is already having talks with relevant technology companies to help design future iPhones with a completely rimless design and no bulge.

Technically, there seems to be relatively high barriers for the new Apple product. The experts are still puzzling over how Apple should make it possible to bring the TrueDepth camera sensors for the Face ID under the display. It would be possible to use the entire camera system in a single camera and to let the camera lenses directly into the display. A second possibility seems to be a kind of black matrix technology, in which a display is equipped with several surface layers.

We find it extremely unusual for Apple to make a design element such as the bulge of the TrueDepth camera disappear or change again. Apple is extremely cautious about making design adjustments to its devices, and it still seems unlikely that notch will already be smaller in 2018. It would also be possible that this year's iPhones still receive the previous Notch and the models from 2019 then get along completely without bulge. This seems to us to be the more likely solution with current knowledge.

6.5 inch iPhone X Plus is said to get A12 processor, 1242 x 2688 pixel resolution, dual SIM and golden color option

25. February 2018: And once again, the news service Bloomberg published new information on the upcoming iPhone X Plus. Meanwhile, there is increasing evidence that Apple is the largest in the fall iPhone All time will publish with a display size of 6.5 inches. To offer a similarly sharp resolution as the smaller one iPhone XFor example, the big screen of the giant iPhone would receive a resolution of rich 1242 x 2688 pixels, ie 480 to 500 PPI (pixels per inch).

By comparison, that's as much as some 27 inch computer screens have - just pressed into an 6.5 inch screen. Bloomberg's report confirms details of KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo has been claiming for months that Apple is working on a second-generation 5.8 inch OLED iPhone, a larger 6,5-inch OLED iPhone called the iPhone X Plus, and a much more affordable 6.1 custom iPhone with LCD display.

Golden iPhone X may come in the fall

The two top models are to be driven by A12 processors and receive high-quality stainless steel edges. At least one of the three upcoming iPhones should also be available in gold. Whether it will be a golden iPhone X Plus, is not known.

The cheaper iPhone, which was already referred to by tech experts as the iPhone X SE, however, should only get an aluminum frame, because that is cheaper. Obviously, however, the cheaper iPhone should be equipped with a glass back for wireless charging. That was not clear before.

Video: iPhone X Plus in Gold - it could look like this!

Korean designer Lee Gunho has tried to design a golden iPhone X Plus. Looks pretty successful, as we find!

iPhone X Plus with Dual SIM?

In the larger iPhone X Plus could be installed dual SIM function. This would be particularly useful when traveling, if users want to switch to regional SIM card providers abroad. Until now, the old SIM card had to be removed from iPhones. Accordingly one was not attainable on this number, until one put the map back into the Smartphone. However, according to Bloomberg, it is not clear if this practical function really comes. Instead, you could wait for the E-SIM technology that connects phones to multiple networks without the need for an interchangeable chip. Apple had already wanted to offer the E-SIM technology. However, the telephone providers are so far resisting the introduction of the technology.

First photos of iPhone X Plus displays surfaced

25. February 2018: As reported by the news website forbes.com, display components of the new, large iPhone X Plus have surfaced. The technical components indicate what many had long suspected: The upcoming, large iPhone X is really huge! According to MacRumours, the leaked images of the display components are a test run for the production equipment of the new panels. These new releases confirm what economic analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently said: that the upcoming iPhone X will get a big brother, an iPhone X Plus that will get an 6.5 inch OLED display larger than any other in a premium Smart phone built-in display panel.

Various specialized on the subject media have confirmed the authenticity of the display components, as both the part numbers with the parts of Apple and the appearance of the components similar to those of current iPhone X OLEDs, so forbes.com. Further credibility should come from the fact that the leaked photos should come from a factory of LG in Vietnam. Apple had recently invested more than $ 3 billion in LG to create production capacity for OLED panels, reducing its dependency on Samsung Displays.

When exactly Apple products in 2018 appear, is not yet known. The release of an iPhone X Plus - or whatever it may mean - is likely to coincide with September, as usual the Apple Watch 4 and maybe even the AirPods 2 Bluetooth headphones occur. The test copies were produced last November, according to Forbes. It is therefore common that the manufacturer receives first test modules long before the start of mass production. Even though the rumors of an iPhone X Plus are gradually hardening, the potentially appearing middle-sized iPhone X with 6.1 inch LCD is likely to cause quite a stir. It has been consistently christened by the tech media in the name of iPhone X SE - which of course is no indication that the device could ever really be called that.

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iPhones 2018: This trio has it all

What's coming is likely to be big: When Apple introduces 2018 new iPads and iPhones, of course, on the one hand, an improved iPhone X with a borderless OLED screen in 5,8 inch appears. But with this device, a brand new device, an iPhone X Plus, is likely to see the light of day. This supposed new iPhone X Plus would have a huge 6,5 inch OLED display and would have the dimensions of an iPhone 8 Plus - just with a huge, borderless display. The third model could also appear another iPhone with borderless screen in 6,1 inches. However, this would then get along with a conventional LCD panel, as Ming-Chi Kuo according to media reports such as meadow from MacRumours claimed. All three models should get the current Notch design and get the TrueDepth camera. For the release date of the potential new iPhones is still in the distant future, Kuo is already quite specific.

Actually, the new iPhone X wanted to buy as soon as possible. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
The current iPhone X. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

iPhone X Plus with ultra-sharp display resolution

If Kuo is even rudimentary right, the new iPhones should be a hit. The potential iPhone X Plus would have an unprecedented huge and sharp display. While the improved iPhone X may continue to have the previous resolution of 1125 × 2436 pixels, the new super phone with an exorbitant pixel density of up to 197 pixels per centimeter (500 PPI) could come along. For comparison, the potential low-end LCD model with 6,1 inch display would probably only have about 320 PPI, ie pixels per inch. To the further specifications and for the exact design of frame and back the analyst made no information. One would suspect that a metal frame as well like a glass back for wireless charging Stay standard.

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