Get old and stay healthy: Superagers have it in common!

Studies may give an answer: What is the secret of people who live extra long?

Get old and stay healthy: What can we do for ourselves and what lies in our genes? Photo: Pixabay
Get old and stay healthy: What can we do for ourselves and what lies in our genes? Photo: Pixabay

[contains unpaid advertising] Most of us want to get as old as possible and stay healthy. Researchers have now discovered what people have in common, who have lived a long life and remained healthy until old age. These so-called superagers, extremely fit people beyond the 80 years, share some characteristics, according to a study. What are these skills and what can we do to get as old as possible and stay healthy?

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A study from Northwestern University in the USA could provide answers, as the British daily The Guardian and various other media report. The scientists found that a high level of cognitive function in the elderly could be caused by a particular type of brain cell. People who have mental faculties beyond the 80 years, who usually have only people decades younger than themselves, are called superagers. Getting old and staying healthy is the dream of many people, but obviously not everyone can achieve that goal.

Superager men and women over the age of 80 are mentally young. Your brain and mental abilities are simply relatively immune to the degeneration that most of us experience with age. While others slip into senility, the memory of a superager, the use of language and mind, initially remains. Incidentally, this also applies if they show biological signs of dementia, such as deposits of deformed proteins and neurofibrillary tangles. Being a superager in old age definitely sounds like a worthwhile goal. What can you do to become a superalter yourself? Or let fate be The Health do not influence yourself?

So far, the scientists thought that it was our destiny to become old and ill. Photo: Pixabay
So far, the scientists thought that it was our destiny to become old and ill. Photo: Pixabay

Research: Superagers had to be watched for years

People live longer today than ever before in human history. Unfortunately, most of them do not age very well. With age, diseases and senility affect many people. But a few, few, seem to be able to defy this supposedly immutable course of events. Superagers are not only very old, but stay healthy beyond measure, Reason enough for a team of researchers from Northwestern University in the US to study superagers for years to understand what distinguishes these individuals.

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"It was not so long ago that we thought the only course of events was to become old and senile," said study partner Emily Rogalski of Northwestern University during the annual American Association for the conference Advancement of Science in Austin, Texas. "We have to explore the limits and explore what is possible in old age and how people got there."

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