Expensive Super Smartphone: Is the iPhone X a Flop or Top?

Are the experts right with their fierce criticism of the new Apple flagship?

iPhone X flop or top? Critics complain a lot on the new Apple flagship. Photo: Pexels
iPhone X flop or top? Critics complain a lot on the new Apple flagship. Photo: Pexels

[contains unpaid advertising] Criticism hails from all directions: Many experts give the new iPhone X Apple bad marks. Even Apple veteran Steve Wozniak has joined the canon of critics. The "worst iPhone ever" (Forbes) was even the speech. Especially Face ID and the high price of the gadget always come back into the line of fire. If you believe the experts, the iPhone X is a flop and Apple is doomed. But are these assessments consistent with reality - is the iPhone X a flop or a top?

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On the iPhone X, the ghosts are different - and probably they've never divorced and wiped out so much on any smartphone. The iPhone X polarizes the users and apparently also calls critics out of the last corner of the tech world. In forums, smartphone users discuss the meaningfulness of Apple Gadgets and chew on every little mistake of the device. We were also critical of Apple's flagship smartphone at the beginning - just as long as we did not have one! Granted, it's not that hard, that iPhone to doubt, as long as you have not tested it. The corresponding negative reports from the highest point came: Even Apple has warned in a support document before the display branding on the iPhone X. We also had in the meantime times compared whether the iPhone 8 (Plus) or the iPhone X is the better choice.

This hint from the manufacturer itself had initially moved us to the great skepticism towards the smartphone. And of course Face ID also made us skeptical. After all, Touch ID was a mature and secure system that has proved itself a thousand times over in everyday life and has shaped everyday life for years with the Homebutton. We criticized the iPhone X until we tested a device ourselves. And otherwise, the seemingly endless stream of devastating criticisms of the iPhone X by supposed experts and users seems unexplainable today: Many users find the device obviously too expensive, so they criticize it to justify themselves not to buy it. What arguments do the critics have? The iPhone X is called a flop based most often on a criticism of Face ID.

Productive, more productive, iPhone X: The new top smartphone really has something on the box. Photo: Pexels
Productive, more productive, iPhone X: The new top smartphone really has something on the box. Photo: Pexels

Face ID: Criticism of Apple's facial recognition

That's fine most criticized feature of the new iPhone X is Face ID, The facial recognition of the new top smartphone with the help of the sophisticated TrueDepth camera has brought quite a few critics since its launch in September. Many were attached to the technical implementation of the system, others to potential privacy concerns. Kevin Murnane of Forbes, for example, has long since called Face ID "Touch ID" ("Face ID is not just as simple and straightforward as Touch ID"). Murnane also claims that you have to hold the iPhone for unlocking by Face ID only cumbersome in front of the face. So Apple has made with the new technology a step backwards to Touch ID. The fingerprint scan, however, also worked unnoticed under the table.

While Face ID is faster overall than Touch ID, the face recognition is significantly less secure than the fingerprint scan. Thus, the likelihood that an iPhone X can be hacked by Face ID is 1: 50.000, while the likelihood of Touch ID is much lower. Admittedly, tests have revealed that under some circumstances identical twins or family members can crack the iPhone X., Even with a special mask that mimics the face of an iPhone owner, the device is to crack. Is the iPhone X flopping? In any case, even under these conditions, it seems highly unlikely that anyone could be able to open a face-tracking smartphone against the will of its owner.

TrueDepth camera with Face ID works just perfect for us

In our big iPhone X endurance test However, a clear picture has shown: The face recognition of the new top smartphone works flawlessly. It unlocks the device in seconds, And you do not have to hold the iPhone X with the TrueDepth camera just for the face, as the Forbes expert claims. It is enough to look up at an angle. Unlocking works face down under all imaginable circumstances and in any light conditions. Face ID unlocks the iPhone reliably - almost too reliable: even while carrying the iPhone in his hand while looking down to the device. So we've gotten into the habit of transporting the iPhone X upside down so as not to accidentally unlock it.

Face ID on the iPhone X actually works as smoothly as it looks on Apple's advertising photos. Photo: Apple
Face ID on the iPhone X actually works as smoothly as it looks on Apple's advertising photos. Photo: Apple

My brother and I tried each other to unlock our iPhone X and we did not succeed. Even in sleep, the device can not be unlocked by strangers, because it recognizes when its owner is not awake. On the contrary: Face recognition by Face ID of the iPhone X is not a flop, but absolutely top! Especially in sports (with gloves) such as while jogging with iPhone and Apple Watch in winter the device is unlocked fast and reliably. We find after our practical test Face ID simply excellent. Face recognition works reliably and quickly. In addition, it is safe, because the resulting data is stored only on the iPhone and are not visible to third parties.

After just a few hours of use we did not miss the homebutton including Touch ID, And we are not alone with that. User satisfaction among iPhone X owners is high: "I have been a happy and satisfied user of an iPhone X for several months. What is a Home Button?" Asks a user ironically in an Apple forum. We are sure: The Technical works and will prevail.

iPhone X price scares off many buyers - he falls already

If you have not identified Face ID as the source of all evil, you can still come across the totally inflated price of the iPhone X. With prices that are in the official Apple Store between 1149 and 1319 Euro, the iPhone X models are at the very top of the price scale. More than 1000 Euro for a smartphone is really not cheap and for many users out of budget.

But Of course, the pricing is not random, Here are many factors that make the price of the iPhone X seem so high. For one, Apple has designed a smartphone here that many people are prepared to spend a lot of money on because the device is innovative, has a cool image, and has a stylish design. On the other hand, the installed components are particularly expensive. Apple has, for example, only the highest quality OLED screens installed. Third, the price is a relatively variable matter. At the beginning, many early adopters, mostly diehard fans, took a lot of money in order to as one of the first to buy and own an iPhone X., But as soon as the demand of these especially eager iPhone X fans is satisfied, the price starts to drop.

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Since November 2017 is the iPhone X on the market and already since January 2018, the new smartphone is much cheaper at many electronics retailers on the Internet. So who wants to lead the price to downgrade the new iPhone X and declare the new top model to the flop, has not made his calculation with the market. Because the price always arises from the interaction of supply and demand. who buy an iPhone X cheaper Want as the official price, now has good chances.

Definitely not a flop: the iPhone X is full of high-end technology. Photo: Pexels
Definitely not a flop: the iPhone X is full of high-end technology. Photo: Pexels

Sales figures of the iPhone X terrific

While consumers who have not bought the iPhone X are betting on the price, many analysts view the high price of the smartphone as a wise decision by the manufacturer. For the first time ever, a new factor comes into play here - namely, whether buyers can afford the smartphone or not. In the previous models below 1000 Euro, this factor has played no role. Apple has been playing poker hard and obviously winning: The iPhone X was one of the bestselling smartphones in Q4 2017 in many markets worldwide, including Australia, Japan, USA, Europe and China. So you can not talk about an iPhone X flop here. For such an expensive device, the new Apple flagship has sold surprisingly well.

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