iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X: scratches in the glass - just polish away?

What can you do to remove annoying scratches on the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 (Plus)?

Many users complain: In the right light you can see iPhone X scratches immediately! Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Many users complain: In the right light you can see iPhone X scratches immediately! Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

The voices of dissatisfied users are multiplying: The iPhone X and the iPhone 8 (Plus) seem to get scratches easier than other comparable devices. Some iPhone X were obviously already delivered with scratches and manufacturing errors ex factory. Other users are annoyed that the expensive high-end smartphones are particularly easy to catch scratches and signs of wear. What can you do against scratches on the iPhone X? Can the spots simply be polished off? Luckily, not all iPhone X seem so prone to wear.

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Steve Jobs was not a fan of hulls. He believed that the design of a device could only unfold when the naked metal emerged. "I think stainless steel looks nice when it's worn," Jobs once said on an iPod. Lots AppleCustomers obviously see it the same way and use it iPhone X without protective cover. The result: Apparently lighter than the iPhonePrecursor models catch each other iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X scratches. Even those who use the device with a protective cover, reports particularly easily occurring signs of wear despite careful handling. If you believe various forum reports, many iPhone X have come even with scratches and damage from the factory.

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Glass back of the iPhone X and iPhone 8 (Plus) prone to scratches

That the new iPhones With a back of glass appeared, was certainly no surprise - and normal glass scratched during daily use. The new models have as well as the iPhone X (endurance test) an integrated function for wireless charging. This feature also works great in our test. But it can also become a stove for scratches, as we ourselves had to find painfully.

Small disadvantage of wireless charging: To the iPhone To charge in this way, the gadget must be placed virtually naked on the charging station. For original Apple cases and those that offer wireless charging, the case can be dropped on loading. Whether this affects the speed is not clear, but at least would be suspected. So you better remove the cover. That should not be a problem. Because the glass on the back of the iPhone is according to Apple one of the toughest and most durable glasses ever:

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus bring a beautiful glass back design with the toughest glass ever built into a smartphone ...The glass finish is produced for a precise color tone and high opacity in a seven-layer color process. It provides a high color depth and is enclosed in a color-coordinated aluminum frame, which is also used in space travel, and is splash-proof and dust-proof. (Source: apple.de)

iPhone X: scratches occur at different speeds in the models - in our test, the silver frame of the white iPhone has caught despite good treatment much faster blemishes than the iPhone X in Space Gray. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
iPhone X: scratches occur at different speeds in the models - in our test, the silver frame of the white iPhone has caught despite good treatment much faster blemishes than the iPhone X in Space Gray. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

In practice, the glass surfaces of the iPhone scratch quickly

Unfortunately, the statement from Apple can not be confirmed in practice. Both the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus get small scratches in the glass after a few days of use. And that, although it is rarely for wireless charging from the original Apple leather case (affiliate link to product - click here!) is taken. And as soon as the case is no longer on the phone, the smartphone is exposed to dust, grains of sand and many other impurities defenseless. If you're not paying attention, scratches and unpleasant impurities will set in much faster than you would expect for a new top-of-the-line smartphone that's also sealed and waterproof.

After only a few days, we not only had small scratches on the glass back of the iPhone 8 Plus, but particles also accumulate between the display and the metal frame, which can hardly be fiddled there. This all happens, even though we the brand new iPhone 8 Plus (endurance test) Carefully and carefully treated like a raw egg. The iPhone X has lasted a bit longer before the first traces of use have occurred.

Traces of use are not a guarantee - so what to do?

It seems very unusual for particles to get stuck between the display and the metal frame. Since the iPhone 8 Plus is at least protected against splashing water, the body should actually be sealed all around. These problems should not actually occur. Especially not after such a short period of use. The biggest problem Currently, however, the glass seems to be on the back. Anyone who has bought an expensive wireless charging station and wants to charge their iPhone wirelessly, must put the device without protection on the charger and will probably catch in this way quickly one or the other scratches. That's why we once researched the possibilities of removing scratches from the glass. Because for Apple this does not create a warranty claim, since it is only cosmetic problems.

Similar There were problems with scratches on the iPhone 7 Plus in matt black and The MacBook Pro 2016 is also extremely prone to scratches. Das iPad Pro is vulnerable to signs of wear about in midfield. A positive example again is the Apple Watch: This shows in the endurance test extremely robust against scratches and currently has no significant wear after months of use.

Page 2: scratches on the iPhone X simply polish off with polish paste? And why does the iPhone in silver seem even more susceptible to scratches?

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