iPhone X in the endurance test: OLED display, TrueDepth camera, Face ID, battery and Co.

We really tested the new iPhone X thoroughly. Does it prove to be a purchase?

Haptic really a grenade: the new iPhone X. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Haptic really a grenade: the new iPhone X. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

[unpaid advertising, because product test] On the new iPhone X, the ghosts divorced. Some consider it a revolutionary smartphone of the next generation, for others it is an immature gimmick. With a new borderless OLED display, a completely redesigned rear camera with studio light, the completely new TrueDepth camera system on the front with face recognition Face ID and the A11 Bionic processor, the new gadget is loaded with numerous features. We have been using the iPhone X for a few weeks in the endurance test and have now gained some exciting insights. How is the new Topp smartphone testing?

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While the iPhone X is lying on the wireless charging station, it glitters and glitters. Switch that off Super retina display it gets light in the room. It looks good, the new high-end device from Apple. But would not an iPhone 8 have been enough? Because appearance is not everything: Is the performance synonymous with the 1300 Euro expensive smartphone? We tested it.

Because in advance there were many indications that the iPhone X could not be mature, For Many critics are still not sure if the iPhone X is a flop or top, There were rumors about problems with the Face ID camera and especially warnings that could burn in the OLED display of the new iPhone, In fact, at first there seemed to be many reasons, first with the Buy an iPhone to wait or even for the time being to use an iPhone 8 Plus, which we have also tested. In the beginning, admittedly, we were among the biggest critics of the new device because we did not think it was mature. We have, for example compared the iPhone X with the iPhone 8 Plus and then the iPhone 8 Plus recommended - partly maybe for nostalgic reasons, because we really liked the Home Button with TouchID. But in the meantime, the new Topp smartphone iPhone X has caught up with us - and really positively surprised. The new gadget has many strengths and weaknesses.

Concerns about the iPhone X proved to be exaggerated

Despite all the negative reports and our own concerns for test purposes, we bought an iPhone X in Space Gray with 256 GB. After the sales start at the 3. November 2017 were the devices in the Apple Store and sold out at other retailers over a few weeks. Only by using a few tricks you could buy an iPhone X., Nevertheless, we have with the purchase held back a bit. At the beginning of December, however, the time had come and we were able to hold our iPhone X in our hands.

iPhone X in the endurance test: How OLED display, TrueDepth camera, face ID, battery and Co. beat Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
iPhone X in the endurance test: How OLED display, TrueDepth camera, face ID, battery and Co. beat Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

So unpack and go: that new gadget is visually really a grenade, It glitters and shines because the surface is polished to a high gloss in every respect. The new smartphone has a glass back for wireless charging and the frame is covered with glossy lacquer. It is simply wonderful in the hand, is light and handy. The proportions are a bit more elongated than the iPhone 8 Plus, but much smaller overall. If you hold both devices in your hand for comparison, the iPhone 8 Plus looks clunky and oversized, while the iPhone X simply fits perfectly in your hand. It is not too big and not too small.

In terms of dimensions, the normal iPhone 8 is even smaller, but also has a much smaller screen. But the buyer does not really get into ecstasy until he turns on the iPhone X: even the bright welcome screen goes over the entire display and seems just too unreal. But it also stands out immediately: The good old home button is no longer available! It quickly becomes clear to us: After ten years of iPhone, things will suddenly change. We are curious. So what can the new iPhone X do?

Face ID in the test: Yes, it is better than Touch ID!

With the iPhone X leads Apple for the first time the TrueDepth camera system on. This offers, among other things, the opportunity to unlock the smartphone with the face. Face ID should according to Apple authentication on the iPhone X revolutionize, The Home Button, including Touch ID, has been completely deleted. The camera system consists of a projector, an infrared camera and an infrared illuminator. So, in practical terms, several components that work together to scan the face. The collected data is processed by the high-tech processor A11 Bionic. In this way the face is precisely mapped. Face ID can be used to unlock the device and some other features such as payment systems and logins.

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Contrary to some negative reports, which assume that Face ID does not work as desired, authentication via the TrueDepth camera works the first time! We were fans of Touch ID ourselves and were skeptical of Face ID. In practice, Face ID works extremely easy: activating Face ID takes only a few seconds. When setting up the iPhone (or even later), the face is completely scanned. Once set up, the system actually works properly as described by the manufacturer. The iPhone unlocks in seconds and logins are released almost in real time. The face was not recognized in our test in the least cases. Even in the dark and in many sensitive situations, Face ID worked perfectly.

For example The system unlocks reliably when jogging outdoors with a hat and gloves, With Touch ID you had to take off your gloves every time or enter the code manually. Especially when it comes to activities, Face ID really shows its strengths. And is very fast! The face is not about tedious. On the contrary: The authentication process runs almost by itself and the user experience is like you do not even need to unlock the smartphone. We believe that we can say pretty sure: once you've used Face ID, Touch ID will not be missed.

The TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X is located in the top center - the bulge is also called
The TrueDepth camera of the iPhone X is located in the middle of the middle - the bulge is also called "The Notch". Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Super Retina Display: sharp, sharper, iPhone X.

The New TrueDepth camera is certainly a masterpiece of engineeringthat brings the manufacturer Apple in comparison to the competition in the lead. But the most visible and impressive new feature of the iPhone X is certainly the new, ultra-sharp OLED screen "Super Retina Display". It is borderless and covers the entire front of the new smartphone. The color, brightness and blacks of the new screen are simply fantastic and the contrast ratio is one million to one. In addition, the HDR display supports TrueTone technology, which provides automatic white balance at any time for authentic colors. Videos and images are simply displayed with a fantastic color brilliance and the widespread screen creates a user experience that probably was not on any iPhone. With 5,8 inches, the screen is even bigger than the iPhone 8 Plus - and this screen can always be huge in a smartphone.

Admittedly, the elongated shape of the display initially takes some getting used to, and in direct comparison with an iPhone 8 Plus, the Super Retina Display looks smaller. In the overall context, however, the front of the previous model looks stale compared to the iPhone X. In addition, it is initially more than unusual that the display of the new iPhone X is consistent and has no home button more. In iOS 11, touch gestures replace the function of the Home button. When setting up the video, iOS will show short explanatory videos on how the new gestures work. That's more than enough to get along with it. Fast and fluid gestures make the little button unnecessary. After just a few minutes of use, the user is familiar with the intuitive gestures and will no longer miss the Home Button. The entire smartphone can be used optimally and quickly by stroking and wiping.

What was unfamiliar at first has established itself as the new standard after a very short time. Whenever we use our iPad Pro now, the Home Button seems antiquated and we have to think twice about how the iPad Pro works. Accordingly, we are already looking forward to the release of the iPad Pro 2018, which, like the iPhone X, will use a borderless display without a home button.

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