Runtastic: Apple Watch can be used as a second screen and standalone!

Is it finally working with our favorite running app and the Apple Watch?

Finally: Runtastic on the Apple Watch is again usable as a second screen or standalone! Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Finally: Runtastic on the Apple Watch is again usable as a second screen or standalone! Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

[unpaid advertising, because product test] The developers of the popular iPhone app for runners "Runtastic" have responded to the feedback of users and finally bring back the function, in which the Apple Watch could be used as a second screen in addition to the iPhone. We have been waiting for a few months and of course have directly tried the return of the well-tried function. How well does the new-old feature and the synchronization between iPhone and Smartwatch work?

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Runtastic was slightly miscalculated during the introduction of watchOS 4. With the launch of the new Apple Watch Operating System, developers have the popular running app Runtastic the Apple Watch app from iPhoneProgram separately. Runtastic was suddenly available on the Apple Watch without iPhone - but unfortunately no longer optional with the Smart Watch. Both apps were only individually usable and have synchronized only reluctantly. The feedback from the users must have been quite tough. Runtastic recently announced that it has the desire of users who Apple Watch to use as a second screen, misjudged. And that's why you have logically brought back the previously abolished function.

Clear: The Apple Watch app from Runtastic gives you more info than it needs. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Clear: The Apple Watch app from Runtastic gives you more info than it needs. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Standalone and second screen: Runtastic on the Apple Watch is now

And that works quite well in our first test. The app on the smartwatch is now kept even more minimalist and limited in their ad on the most necessary information. And that's a good thing: If you want to use the Smartwatch in combination with the iPhone, use the Apple Watch only as a device for movement and heart rate and gets all information displayed on the smartphone.

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From that you can start on the Apple Watch only a few outdoor workouts directly. All others can be selected in iPhone Runtastic App. In general, there are also usefully most of the settings. The Settings menu also provides an overview of the features offered to users when using the Watch Standalone or as a second screen. The synchronization between Apple Watch and iPhone works quite smoothly. In several attempts, the Apple Watch app has hung up only once - in earlier versions of Runtastic happened with us but much more often.

Runtastic again with better user experience

We had already a few months ago about the decline of the Runtastic-App reports, which had become more and more unstable with time and with the decoupling of iPhone and Apple Watch was finally unusable. For several weeks, however, the tide has turned. Obviously, the Runtastic developers have taken the often negative feedback to heart and thoroughly improved the program. The iPhone app has been doing a pretty good job since its makeover some time ago. The app is clear, clearly structured and offers all the features that a modern running app should have for fitness and health to support the user as much as possible. We have tested the new version of Runtastic on the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X., In addition was an Apple Watch Series 2 with GPS used.

Our conclusion is therefore clear: We can fully recommend the Runtastic app again.

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