iPhone running apps: 6 programs for better jogging sessions!

Which run app is best for which runner?

Running without music, smartphone and running app: simply unthinkable! Photo: Pixabay
Running without music, smartphone and running app: simply unthinkable! Photo: Pixabay

[unpaid advertising because product test] Jogging is one of the most popular sports besides cycling. Legendary 19 millions of Germans run frequently or at least regularly. Overall, athletes in this country turn around the 680 million jogging rounds per year, so on average 36 times per person. In the age of the iPhone and Android smartphones running apps are almost indispensable. It lets you record activities, keep statistics, and even measure heart rate or pace interval. Which are the best running apps and which are especially recommended? We have tried 6 smartphone programs for joggers and other athletes.

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Jogging is healthy, keeps you fit and strengthens your muscles. As a rule, runners live healthier and longer. Since the advent of the smartphone, numerous small mobile phone programs have emerged that help runners and other athletes to keep track of their jogging sessions, miles traveled, and even their vital signs. GPS tracker and heart rate monitor has been around for a long time. Today, however, all available data with the smart watch such as a Apple Watch in combination with one iPhone collected. Users can use it to create statistics and monitor their training progress. That these Technical Improving training is indisputable.

All major running apps also provide a connection between iPhone and Apple Watch app. Photo: Pixabay
All major running apps also provide a connection between iPhone and Apple Watch app. Photo: Pixabay

More problematic is to get an overview of the running apps market and choose the right app for your individual needs. Meanwhile, there are several of these little helpers who should support athletes in their training. We introduce our favorites here. Since we are training ourselves with our iPhone 8 Plus and the Apple Watch, all recommendations refer to these devices, which are operated with the iOS operating system. The featured apps can be downloaded from the iOS App Store. Many of these apps also work with Android smartphones. However, we can not say if they have the same level of features on this platform.

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1. Runtastic Pro: maybe the best running app of all?

On our iPhone we have been using the run app of Runtastic for many years. After a while, we even switched to the premium Runtastic Pro version. This program reliably records not only running laps but also other sports. Meanwhile, the app covers all popular sports. With this app, we can record our rounds on the crosstrainer, treadmill, bike and many other sports equipment such as stand up paddling and even diving. The program just got an optical overhaul in November 2017 and looks really pretty now. From a purely technical point of view, the run app has always appealed to us as it is clearly arranged and reliably records all activities. We always used Runtastic with the Apple Watch. This allowed us to record our heart rate during training.

After an update in September 2017 you could no longer use the Runtastic app on the iPhone in combination with the Apple Watch. From now on, you had to decide which of the two devices you wanted to use with Runtastic. We have since stopped using this app and have switched to the competitor iSmoothRun. Only since Runtastic recently announced that it will be able to offer 2017 back in December a workout in combination with iPhone and Apple Watch we returned to the program. From Runtastic there are now various offshoot program such as Runtastic Results, with which a highly efficient training can be performed.

2. Run app iSmoothRun is the all-rounder for runners

In the meantime, we left Runtastic and switched to iSmoothRun. Because this program makes it possible to select different functional variants: You can use the app either with the smartphone, with the Apple Watch or with both devices synchronously. This makes it possible, for example, to use the iPhone as an activity monitor while running on the treadmill and at the same time measure the heart rate with the Apple Watch. iSmoothRun was designed for runners from the back to the front and not only records the heart rate, but also the step rate and many other health data of runners. We tested the run app iSmoothRun extensively in the test.

Unfortunately, this app has also shown a few weaknesses in our test: With this program, recording the activities worked excellently. Unfortunately, the choice of sports is relatively small. Outdoor jogging, treadmill and elliptical cross trainer are fortunately included. The program offers numerous setting possibilities. For example, you can add a language coach and easily export activities to an external directory. Unfortunately it did not work out in our test, the speech announcement completely off. When starting and ending an activity, there is always a loud announcement that the training starts or ends. Especially in the gym, other exercisers in the vicinity are easily irritated. In addition, the design of the app takes some getting used to and could slowly take a general overhaul. Of these, iSmoothRun is certainly one of the best apps for runners and with a one-time cost of 5,49 Euro (as of: 04 December 2017) quite cheap.

3. Nike + Run Club: Stylish app for fans of the brand

You love the clothing of the American brand and you may already wear the Apple Wach with a Nike bracelet (advertising link). Apple Watch Sportarmband auf Amazon.de - click here!). This is probably the Nike + Run Club App the best running app for you. This program is very colorful and appealing. This is just as in the other programs the time, the kilometer and on the really very appealing Apple Watch App also record the heart rate. Basically, this program is the functionality of the other very similar, but throughout the design on motivation and sportiness. The club association aims to create a community atmosphere in which participants motivate each other. In addition, after completed training a corresponding praise to the athlete. Furthermore, this app distinguishes as a unique selling point that you can collect Nike Fuel points with her. These evaluate the fitness content of an exercise based on a complicated algorithm. The more Nike Fuel Point you collect, the more intense the workout was. Overall, the Nike + Run Club fitness app is really highly recommended. The disadvantage of this app is that you have to register in the Nike community and log in to use this program at all.

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