Christmas Gifts Ideas: 11 cool tips for unique gifts

Anyone looking for inspiration for great gifts is in the right place!

What should I give away? We have 11 Christmas Gifts tips for you! Photo: Pixabay
What should I give away? We have 11 Christmas Gifts tips for you! Photo: Pixabay

[contains unpaid advertising] Christmas is coming and the countdown is on. As every year, especially men - but also many women - wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping and to bestow their loved ones. If you're looking for really cool ideas for Christmas presents, then you've come to the right place: We have 11 cool tips for unique presents, which your loved ones will be sure to enjoy at the Festival of Love and would certainly have come for their own.

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Every year starts again just before Christmas the hustle. What did not we swear everything in the last year! We want to fly away over the holidays to escape the hustle and bustle and give us next year in no case something. Or we just buy the Christmas gifts much earlier so as not to get stressed out. Of course everything did not work again! A year later, all of the good intentions are thrown over and we hang from shop to shop to look for the right presents for our loved ones. This is procrastination at the highest level - and we are guaranteed not alone. The closer Christmas approaches, the fuller the retail stores in Germany are, with desperate shopping queens and queens trying to find really great and creative gifts and giveaways on the fly. Luckily you can do a shopping day yes combine with a visit to the Christmas market or simply order directly on the Internet.

Christmas is the celebration of love - not the gifts. Photo: Pixabay
Christmas is the celebration of love - not the gifts. Photo: Pixabay

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Christmas is the celebration of love - so give something personal!

We are still idealists and believe that something very personal, which does not cost anything, can be a more valuable gift than all the stuff that you can buy for your father, mum, granny, and grandpa, and your dear siblings. Write a letter to your loved one at Christmas, make a video or play something on the piano under the Christmas tree. A friend of Youtuber, for example, regularly posts videos on his channel for his family at Christmas, surprising them in public. As for home-made, personal gifts, of course, you need some creativity and that is not everyone blessed - you know! On the other hand, it also sets you apart with your loved ones and shows you how valuable they are because you deal with them. What exactly that is in the end, does not really matter: Paint what, write something, make something or invite friends and relatives to the concert, to the food or any event. Such a gift will almost certainly be a success - because you are doing something with the opposite and do not just give meany stuff. On the other hand, we all love nasty stuff - so why not combine something homemade with a cool gift or at least a smaller souvenir?

The eye shows: If a giveaway is beautifully packed, it looks directly more attractive! Photo: Pixabay
The eye shows: If a giveaway is beautifully packed, it looks directly more attractive! Photo: Pixabay

Tips for Christmas: 11 Cool Christmas Gifts for Women and Men

For those who are not that idealistic and prefer to make really expensive and cool presents at Christmas, we have of course also researched 11 great gift ideas that you can use to make yours happy. You should first ask yourself: Do you just want to give something to give, or do you want to give something really cool, which yours is really great? Of course the latter. So throw the creativity overboard and pick something that's really useful. Pull the purse and shop, which has what it takes. With the right top gift, you are guaranteed to make your loved one happy too. Some of our ideas are unisex, others are for women and some are for men too.

1. Book "Passing by the ass also a way"

To give a book for Christmas is boring? This book does not guarantee. "Going by the ass is also a way. How Your Life Improves When You Finally Get Laid Back "by Alexandra Reinwarth is anything but a boring Christmas present. Your dearest relatives are guaranteed to have a quick look inside, at the latest when they have read the blurb. Not without reason was the novel in the year 2017 one of the bestsellers: It reminds us to just say no and not to put on every shoe. Your esteemed relatives, if it's yours to thank!

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2. Apple AirPods: the coolest headphones of the year

Your siblings or parents are Apple fans and use iPhones and Macs? Then give you the AirPods from Apple. These are new, wireless Bluetooth headphones that really give pleasure. This gives your relatives the freedom to move wirelessly while listening to music and get proper bass on their ears. We recently tested the AirPods and noticed that these are really the coolest headphones on the market right now - even if they look a bit strange. The AirPods are among the most popular headphones among buyers. And how cool is it, if you see her running around in a couple of months, and know: That was a present from you!

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3. For travel lovers: globe and world map

For years, I would like to put myself as a frequent traveler and holiday fan times a real globe or a world map. Not such an 08 / 15 part, which ends up in the corner anyway. But a really great globe or a world map on canvas, in which I can then ram small flags of the destinations where I already was. If you have relatives who feel the same way, a globe or world map is the perfect Christmas present this year! And from the outset an impressive present, because the packaging is usually so big.

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4. Restube: the intelligent buoy buoy for swimmers

Do your siblings like to swim in the quarry pond in the summer or are they inclined to risk or sink themselves during daring actions while on holiday in the sea? We are not different: We are diving all the time in summer, stand up paddling or swimming in the sea. And with us this reliable companion is always there: the intelligent Rescue Buoy Restube. This little utensil can save lives in case of doubt. If your daredevil family member gets in trouble in the water, it can inflate the buoy with a courageous pull on the ribbon and has a rescuing float. If someone cares about you, give them the small life buoy that they can carry with them while swimming. We've been using Restube for years on every swim or surf - always.

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5. Instant camera

I really did not think that an instant camera could be such a great gadget until I had it in my hand for the first time. Analogue photography is in full swing in times of inflationary smartphone photos! With an instant camera you can shoot the first photos directly under the Christmas tree and hold great memories on photo paper. After a few minutes, the pictures are self-developed and you will ensure with the great product guaranteed immediately for joy. I tried the Fujifilm Instax mini camera some time ago and was very enthusiastic from the beginning. For real photo lovers a great gift!

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6. A flying drone

In my opinion, this Christmas present is probably rather something for men. You as women can make the Lords of Creation very, very happy with this present! Because flying drones are currently in hot spot and pretty much every man I know has one or wants one. If you want to make a man happy, give him such a flying object at Christmas and you will be guaranteed to keep him busy for a while. In the meantime, there are the aircraft in all versions, colors and shapes: If possible, you should remember that the drone has an integrated camera. Men love to photograph themselves flying with the UFO. And of course, remember that many drones require insurance. So inform yourself in advance about the individual provisions for commissioning.

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7. Battery pack, mobile phone case and charging stations: technology accessories are not uncreative!

Gifting technology accessories for Christmas is commonly considered uncreative. That may be, because most people use something like that. But it is also absolutely useful! Both men and women are guaranteed to get something that they really need in everyday life: a battery pack will be the best companion at the latest on the next trip or on a long trip. The purchase of a new cell phone case push many of your dearest relatives for months ago and even a new quick charging station for the smartphone can use your family members guaranteed good. So, as a Christmas gift, smartphone accessories are absolutely great, because it's so useful to many people and is certainly used every day!

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8. Experience voucher

What connects people more together than great experiences? Give your loved ones for Christmas just a really great experience voucher, with which you can do something great together. Exciting experiences weld together and get the friendship. Whether you're doing a cooking class, going to a concert, doing a lap in the race car at the Nürburgring Ring, or wanting to shock your siblings with a coupon to bungee jumping - an Adventure Coupon is just the perfect Christmas present!

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9. If you have too much money - give away an iPhone!

Yes, that's right. If you have too much money left and want to make a relative really happy, give him a current iPhone. Of course that is to buy new iPhone X. under warranty the most popular gift. But if in doubt, it does too an iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone 7 Plus, Also, the iPhone SE, which is much cheaper, is a great Christmas gift. So if you have too much money left or you love a relative, give him a new iPhone. I have my mom once iPhone and she still uses it today. Your brother, father, sister, uncle and aunt will thank you for a long time!

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10. Wellnes products provide relaxed relatives!

If you want to increase the well-being of your dear family, give you wellness products. Meanwhile, there is a diverse selection of products that can increase the well-being of your loved ones, especially now in the cold winter months. These include, for example, massagers, daylight lamps and various types of pillows such as Shiatsu massage pillows with integrated infrared heat. So I would be happy about such a gift. This is the perfect Christmas present to get the grumpy relatives on their toes!

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11. Home automation: Everything is better in the Smart Home with WLAN

Do you have such a plaything in the family, always want the latest technology? Then this is the right Christmas present: So far it has not arrived at all people, but the automation at home is fully in line with the trend. You can then control the Smart Home completely with your smartphone. Especially if you want to gift men, you can really make some technology fans happy with it! From many manufacturers, there are now intelligent lamps, sockets, thermostats, thermometers, body fat scales and endless other products that can be controlled with the smartphone. Also, door locks are now included, for example. Smart Home is currently in hot demand and is guaranteed to be one of the creative Christmas gifts, because Smart Home is simply fun. We men can sit for hours and dimming lamps and changing the color with our smartphone.

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Christmas gifts tips for every taste

Many of these Christmas gifts tips are not necessarily in the creative category. As mentioned at the beginning, the most creative and best gifts are of course the homemade ones. No question at all. But who actually looking for the last push and desperately for a great Christmas gift for his sweethearts and doing it rather pragmatic, For those 11 tips are just the thing, Sure, these gifts are not very romantic. There's something here that your beloved relatives need and can use daily in everyday life in the coming 365 days. And what could be better than seeing Sister or Brudi roaming the area with your AirPods in half a year?

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