iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 (Plus): Which is the best choice?

Which new iPhone is best for whom? A little buying advice from us.

iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 (Plus): Which is the better choice? Photo: Apple
iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 (Plus): Which is the better choice? Photo: Apple

[contains unpaid advertising] Apple does not make it that easy for us this year. The smartphone manufacturer has three new models in September his beloved iPhone presented. This triggered worldwide jubilation, because in addition to two conventional new phones, the manufacturer has also presented the innovative new iPhone X. The anniversary phone has been properly hyped ever since. In the shadow of the new top smartphone is also the brand new 8er iPhone. So we asked ourselves: iPhone X vs. iPhone 8 (Plus) - Which is the best choice? A small purchase advice.

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All good things are three this year. In addition to the new 8er series of the iPhone, the mobile phone manufacturer Apple has the long-awaited, new High-end gadget iPhone X presented, which we have now tried in the endurance test, Many fans have been waiting for a long time for a true innovation of the manufacturer from Cupertino. And now she is finally here. The anniversary model comes with borderless display, face recognition and ultra-fast processor. But if it's the only true iPhone so well, why did Apple launch two more smartphones? We looked at all new models and compared them. So prefer iPhone 8 (Plus) or Buy iPhone X. - for whom is which device suitable?

iPhone X comes with exciting new design

The difference between an iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus recognize real Apple fans at first glance. The all-new smartphone with the X in name comes in a new, stylish design, while the 8er iPhone is practically as if cut off its predecessor's face. Except for the colors in Space Gray, silver and a new gold color and the glass back, the iPhone sees 8 (Plus) almost the same as the iPhone 7 Plus, The iPhone X, however, is visually no stone on the other: The front is a single large display, the camera arranged vertically and the frame is made of polished metal. From the front now the Home Button including TouchID and the margins above and below have disappeared. Only the brand new camera with face recognition function has its own recess in the display, which is called "The Notch". Also on the iPhone X, the back is made of glass to allow wireless charging.

The design of the iPhone X has really succeeded: Why are there two other new models? Photo: Apple
The design of the iPhone X has really succeeded: Why are there two other new models? Photo: Apple

Technical specifications of the new iPhones

As far as the technology of the new devices is concerned, all new gadgets are almost at eye level. Although the small iPhone has only 2 instead of 3 Gigabyte of memory. iPhone X and iPhone 8 (Plus), on the other hand, are very similar in their inner workings. Both models have 3 GB memory and are powered by the brand new A11 Bionic Chip. Both the 8 (Plus) and the X have a 12-megapixel dual camera with wide-angle and telephoto lens, which can be razor-sharp photos. The display of the 8er iPhones with 4,7 inches and 5,5 inches is slightly smaller than the 5,8 inch Super Retina HD display of the iPhone X. The resolution of the LCD displays of the 8er series is slightly lower, while the X with a new Super Retina HD display with OLED technology comes along. The new Super Retina HD display with OLED technology is currently the gold standard among the top displays. Wireless charging is possible with the glass back on all three devices. While the iPhone 8 (Plus) continues to rely on Touch ID, the new top model is equipped with FaceID. Whether you prefer to use the fingerprint or the face to unlock or for tasks such as paying is again a matter of taste. All three models are also protected from water and dust by IP67.

Interim conclusion: Dear iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus?

Our interim conclusion is therefore quite clear: Both models have their advantages and disadvantages and it is by no means clear that the iPhone X is the better smartphone under all circumstances. The bottom line is that the technical specifications of the iPhone 8 (Plus) and the iPhone X are not that different. In some aspects, the top model is a little better. From our endurance test of the iPhone 8 Plus even goes outIn terms of battery life, even the iPhone 8 Plus is the strongest of all current devices - insofar as it is operated with the current software iOS 11.2 or below.

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Further differences between the models

Of course, the iPhone X bottom line is the phone model, which is currently much sexier. No question. The redesign is simply chic and new. And the brand new OLED display has an incredible resolution of 2436 × 1125 pixels. That's why the successor to the Retina Display is called Super Retina HD Display. The displays of the 8er series, however, are only slightly improved. You only get the Additional feature "TrueTone", which has already got the iPad Pro last and colors should simply represent real and true to the original. However, with the display of the new top smartphone, this can actually no longer keep up. At least as far as the specifications and the first usage experience are concerned. At second glance, there are still problems here.

Back of glass: The feel of the new iPhone 8 Plus is really noble. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Back of glass: The feel of the new iPhone 8 Plus is really noble. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

iPhone 8 (Plus) versus iPhone X: which is better?

Actually, the thing is clear: The iPhone X is the newer, cooler and stylish gadget, Due to the brand new display without borders with OLED technology and Super Retina HD resolution, the iPhone X should really win this fight. But that's not the case. Quite simply, the iPhone 8 (Plus) can not be beaten and chased into the fencing. Because while the new top model at first glance is bright and radiant and appears to us as an alternative purchase, the weaknesses are not apparent until later. So the new super phone is still struggling with some initial problems that we are waiting to solve.

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