Tips for the cold season: how do I get through the winter?

We have 12 valuable tips for you, how the winter is a little more pleasant!

As idyllic as it is not always in the winter: We therefore have the best tips for the cold season! Photo: Pixabay
As idyllic as it is not always in the winter: We therefore have the best tips for the cold season! Photo: Pixabay

[contains unpaid advertising] Slowly it gets uncomfortable outside, because winter is coming. Gradually, the temperatures slip into the minus area and the first snow falls. Many people feel weak, impotent and often ill in the dark and cold seasons. One wonders quite rightly: How can I get through the winter? We've collected a few - not always pedagogically valuable - tips on how to get through the winter in a healthy and, above all, good mood and really have fun in the cold season.

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Every year the same lyre: From September the leaves turn yellow, from October it is stormy and from November also cold and dark. Autumn and winter are usually the seasons in which one would like to fly with the birds to the south. Because the Mistwetter beats properly on the mind. And not only that: viruses are booming at this time of the year and it feels like someone is always sick in their own environment. In addition, dry skin sets the own body. Sounds bad? Yes it is! The winter is really no picnic.

Good mood even in winter

The winter season does not have to be a lost time. Even the cold days have something for themselves: The Christmas time with friends and family is reflective. On the Christmas markets, it smells of almonds and speculaas, and the mulled wine tastes again. Everything is colorfully decorated. Christmas brings some light into the dark season and ensures with long-term treat and good food for genuine cosiness. A little later on New Year's Eve, we start the new year with good intentions. So everything is not as bleak as it seems.

Winter Wonderland: The cold season can be so beautiful! Photo: Pixabay
Winter Wonderland: The cold season can be so beautiful! Photo: Pixabay

Health tips for the winter: with a few tricks she gets well through the cold season

The best lifehacks to get through the winter are often obvious. It is not rocket science to stay cheerful and healthy in the cold season. Those who follow a few simple rules will easily survive the cold season until spring. Make sure that you keep your body and mind in a good mood.

1. The basis: drink a lot

Even or especially in winter people should drink a lot. Because in the dark and cold winter time the body loses water. To avoid headaches or circulatory problems, at least 1,5 l should be drunk during the day. It is well noted of water or unprotected tea is the speech. Anyone who intends to drink a glass of alcohol or drink a lot of coffee during the cold season should also consume more water.

2. Green tea is in a good mood

We swear by green tea for our health. Due to its valuable ingredients, one or the other cup of green tea can really make you happy in the cold season. The drink is said to have an invigorating effect, which brings back vitality, especially in winter. We believe that green tea is good for the body and drink up to two pots of the beverage per day. From our own experience, we can only say that this drink can significantly increase the quality of life in winter. We rely primarily on green tea Sencha in organic quality. Unfortunately, green teas that are not organic are sometimes contaminated with pollutants.

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3. Off to the outdoors

Of course this is not only a good idea in winter. Throughout the year, it is recommended to be out in the open air regularly. We sit too much and usually do not move enough. Hardly any movement and stale room air cause oxygen deficiency, especially in winter. But if you spend a lot of time in the fresh air with exercise, friends and family, you will live healthier and happier. Of course you are well advised in winter, you fat with winter clothing (promotional link to stock up winter boots, a winter jacket and all sorts of accessories such as hats and gloves to be well-equipped against cold and damp. The best thing about staying outside during the winter is the return home. If you come home after a several-hour winter walk, you're sure to bring a good mood to the door. After all, what could be better than warming up and drinking a delicious coffee?

Off to the outside: The winter has definitely its beautiful sides! Photo: Pixabay
Off to the outside: The winter has definitely its beautiful sides! Photo: Pixabay

4. Refuel as much sunlight as possible

Winter in Germany is usually cold and dark. Accordingly, we receive little sunlight. In the human body melatonin is released in darkness, making you tired and lethargic. But each of us knows the feeling of how the body revives with a little light. Even on dark days, it makes sense to go outside because there is a little more light there. However, in winter, the human body often can not produce enough vitamin D. Vitamin D production is initiated by sunlight. Therefore, you can help after consulting your doctor: Vitamin D supplements help to reach the daily dose of vitamin D. In addition, daylight lamps help you through the dark season: with as many lumens and high wattage as possible, the devices simulate daylight. This is a really worthwhile purchase for daily use in winter - we even have two of these devices to fight during the day against winter fatigue.

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5. Vitamin-rich nutrition ensures a good mood

Of course, a varied and vitamin-rich diet throughout the year makes sense. But especially in winter, the body needs sufficient amounts of vitamins. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and of course fish and nuts is suitable for this. Of course, after consultation with your doctor, you can also resort to dietary supplements. I use for example the food supplements of Life Plus (Werbelink - Click here!)who keep me fit in winter.

6. Doing sports outdoors: Walking in winter

Of course, winter sports are the nuts and bolts. As in all other seasons, athletes usually live healthier lives. If you can set it up and get you, you should Doing sports outdoors in winter, You should therefore move so hard at least five days a week that you start to sweat. For example, a small jogging round through the park is suitable for this purpose. After such a tour in winter you will feel refreshed and alive. Again, in case of doubt, please consult with a doctor in advance, so you do not take over the sport.

Jogging in the winter can really do you good! Photo: Pixabay
Jogging in the winter can really do you good! Photo: Pixabay

7. Fitness, wellness and massages

Who as we are not so keen on, in the winter outside to jog around the area and freezing to death is well served by a good gym. In the large wellness temples you can do indoor fitness, on treadmill or crosstrainer to spin your laps and then go to the sauna, splash in the pool or enjoy a massage wellness. Attention addictive factor is included! In all major metropolitan areas in Germany, there are facilities where you can enjoy these spa services. The largest providers in Germany include Holmes Place, Meridian Spa and Aspria. In addition, there are many smaller providers, which of course can offer a similar high quality. Anyone who has chosen a good wellness temple, enjoys a holiday in everyday life and can in between times really take a break from everyday life. This not only helps against the winter blues, but also against everyday stress.

Warming up in the sauna can be really good in winter! Photo: Pixabay
Warming up in the sauna can be really good in winter! Photo: Pixabay

8. Do not overdo it with heating

Yes, it is tempting to turn up the heating so that it gets really cozy and warm inside in winter. This not only drives up the heating costs, but is also not healthy for the nasal mucous membranes. The dry heating air irritates the paranasal sinuses and ensures that the defenses are weakened. Therefore, it makes sense not to overdo it with heating and also to ventilate regularly to let fresh air into the apartment.

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