iPhone X Display: OLED branding makes smartphone useless?

Are leftovers burning into the super retina display of the brand new iPhone?

iPhone X Display: OLED branding makes smartphone useless? Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
iPhone X Display: OLED branding makes smartphone useless? Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

[contains unpaid advertising] The iPhone X Display seems to have a bigger problem with burning pictures into the OLED panel. The particularly bright, color-fast and energy-saving screen can possibly get more trouble with the burning of images. What can one do against the OLED branding on the iPhone X display?

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We have buy our iPhone X. once blew off - and for good reason. As the magazine MacLife reports, the electronics company Apple responded to the request of an iPhone X user in an amazing way. Specifically, it was about the fact that the user wanted to use his new iPhone X as a navigation device in the car. We also use the iPhone every day, sometimes for hours, as a reliable navigation device with the handy Navi apps Google Maps and Navigon.

Because the advantages over conventional navigation devices are obvious. Especially with the Google Navi you get practical real-time traffic and avoid traffic jams in case of doubt. In any case, this is an indispensable feature for daily use of the iPhone, Because, as the magazine MacLife reports, the Apple support advises under certain circumstances from using the iPhone X as a navigation device. Because the static images of the Navis could burn into the display.

OLED display burning may make iPhone X unusable

The problem always relates to the static ad area. This is located at Google Maps App during navigation at the bottom and top of the display. In between there are moving elements. The problem can occur especially in summer when the iPhone X Display is set to the highest brightness level when the brightness is high. As MacLife reports, Apple Support strongly recommends that users "not use the device in this case," MacLife said.

Look very noble with the back of glass: the iPhone X. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Look very noble with the back of glass: the iPhone X. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

That there are problems with the OLED technology is well known. According to the company, the difficulties with OLED should occur with the new top smartphone particularly rare. Because Apple has taken precautions to prevent the burning of the OLED display on the iPhone X. On the one hand, the iKonzern particularly uses high quality displays and on the other hand, the software counteracts a burn-in of the image in the screen. Nevertheless, static images can burn into the display. Apple points out the dangers of branding in a support document out. Residues of images may be left on the display of the new iPhone X. And what happens when the annoying holograms are in the display - will there be a replacement device? Probably not, if the company draws attention in advance to the dangers.

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