Buy iPhone X: Where is the sold out super smartphone?

So you can quickly get to your new iPhone X despite delivery bottlenecks!

Buying the new iPhone X is not that easy. Photo: Pixabay
Buying the new iPhone X is not that easy. Photo: Pixabay

[contains unpaid advertising] The new Apple iPhone X is probably the gold standard among smartphones for the next few years. The new super smartphone was introduced in September and immediately attracted everyone's attention. With a borderless OLED display, the sophisticated face ID camera and the latest A11 Bionic Chip, the cell phone is a must have for all high-tech fans. No wonder then that the gadget was sold out within a few minutes for weeks. Buying the new iPhone X is currently very difficult. But with a little trick you could have it soon. Where is the sold out super smartphone?

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On Friday, the 27. October 2017, Apple has the pre-order feature in time for 9: 01 am Central European time Apple Store activated. For weeks, the new iPhone X was hyped in the media and according to initial forecasts, the new top phone from Apple would trigger an unprecedented hype. That was true. On said Friday at said time, I was just on a business trip in Egypt, At a few minutes past nine o'clock, I logged in to the Apple Store app my iPhone 8 Plus on. But there it was already too late: At just after nine o'clock the iPhone X was already completely sold out. The delivery time was five to six weeks. A pickup in my favorite Apple Store on Jungfernstieg in Hamburg was no longer possible. Annoying, I thought to myself. I had missed in the hotel the pre-order only by a few minutes. Presumably one would have received at 9: 01 clock or a minute later, an iPhone X. But ten minutes later, I had no chance on Apple's new smartphone. I was denied the purchase of the iPhone X.

Tips and Tricks: Buy iPhone X and get it soon

But that's no reason to bury your head in the sand. For all who enter as soon as possible iPhone X and have no desire to wait five to six weeks, there are tips and tricks that you still quite quickly comes to your iPhone. Actually, a single trick is enough to get your iPhone up pretty fast. I myself have tried the principle with many new devices to get the gadgets as soon as possible after market launch: When 7 iPhone Plus, at my Apple Watch Milanaisethat I have used for endurance testing and the popular successor model Apple Watch Series 2 Due to the high demand, it did not work out right away with the order. Also at MacBook Pro 15 inch with touch bar In the beginning it was not that easy to get a device. The demand on the iPhone 8 Plus was not that great. You could get it right to the start. For that were the wireless charging stations sold out directly. No matter what device you want to have fast, even though it's sold out - there are ways and means of getting the new gadgets pretty fast.

The borderless display of the iPhone X is already a force. Photo: Pixabay
The borderless display of the iPhone X is already a force. Photo: Pixabay

Buying iPhone X in the Apple Store App: It's all about timing

And the trick is quite simple: Every day at nine o'clock in the morning Apple updates the inventory in the store. For example, if iPhone X 'was delivered to the Apple Store Jungfernstieg in Hamburg overnight, these devices will be displayed at approximately nine o'clock. You will be given the option to pick it up the same day. If your device is in high demand, you have the chance to secure a device for a few seconds or minutes and pick it up in the Apple Store that day. Sometimes the inventories are even updated several times a day, because the shop gets new goods several times a day. So you should start from the 03. Check to see if your inventories have been updated on a regular basis so you have the chance to get an iPhone X the same day. So you can do yours new iPhone hold it faster than someone who does it on the 27. October ten minutes after the launch. Just keep checking. Sooner or later, inventory will glow green in a store near you and an iPhone X will be available for you. Meanwhile we have already can grab an iPhone X and test it for you in our great endurance test.

Second option: order cheap iPhone X and first-class accessories from Amazon

Advertising - Of course there is the new iPhone X and excellent, matching accessories also at in the online shop. There you can order the different versions of the new top smartphone from Apple. For example, you can find the iPhone X Space Gray here!

Improved delivery situation: iPhone X buy almost continuously possible

Meanwhile, the iPhone X is on sale for almost a month. The delivery conditions for the top smartphone have meanwhile improved significantly. The device is to be obtained from more and more distributors such as telecommunications providers with contract. The delivery times at Apple fell directly to the level of one to two weeks. And best of all: Even in many Apple stores in Germany are almost the whole day iPhones available. At times they are sold out - until after a few hours the next delivery arrives and again devices are available. The possibilities of buying an iPhone X have therefore improved significantly (as of: 30.11.2017). The bottlenecks on the iPhone X seem to be overcome for the time being. Interested parties can, for example, reserve the device in the Apple Store App on their smartphone and pick it up at an Apple Store near them the same day.

By the way, according to media reports, delivery problems like this year are said to be affecting the future 2018er Apple smartphones, according to rumors a huge iPhone X Plus should not belong anymore. Meanwhile, the used Technical familiar to the suppliers. This should ensure improved production conditions.

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