Apple iPhone 8 Plus in the test: Much better than his reputation?

Switch to the new smartphone or wait for the iPhone X?

iPhone 8 Plus camera under test: does it deliver the highest quality?

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Of course, one of the most important criteria for us was the camera in the new iPhone 8 Plus. According to Apple, the camera is completely redesigned in the new model. At least since the six series and also in the sevens, the cameras were so good that they could also be used as printed photos for print magazines and for extended purposes. For a smartphone, the recordings were awarded with these phones.

So is it even better? Of course we have the camera directly with the new model thoroughly tested, And the results are just incredible: the cam in the new iPhone 8 Plus can compete with professional cameras. The images are as sharp and lifelike as it has never been possible through a smartphone. Although the cam still has 12 megapixels, but is equipped with an even larger and faster sensor and a new color filter and lower pixels. In addition, there is a new image signal processor, which improves the performance of the camera with better pixel processing, a deeper color detection and autofocus. The flash has also improved significantly. These innovations are noticeable. Our test photos have become absolutely fantastic and crisp even in complete darkness.

The new dual camera of the iPhone 8 Plus has been completely redesigned. Photo: Apple
The new dual camera of the iPhone 8 Plus has been completely redesigned. Photo: Apple

The video function is topp

And it looks similar in the video recording, which is one of the best that has ever existed in a smartphone. With better video stabilization, 4K video capture with 60 frames, and slow motion video with up to 240 frames in Full HD, the new possibilities go beyond the frame. The cam performs real-time image and motion analysis. And thanks to the new HEIF and HEVC standards, the 256 GB large storage can store twice as many photos and videos as before.

Conclusion on the iPhone 8 Plus dual camera

Our conclusion to the camera: If there was no reason to buy the new iPhone 8 Plus in Space Gray - this high performance camera would be the reason! For amateurs, she may even be the only camera she needs. For professional photographers, it is at least the camera that is always at hand and suitable for great snapshots. Thus, it is clear: For the new construction of the Cam Apple gets a smooth one with asterisks!

Razor sharp: The photos of the iPhone 8 Plus really leave nothing to be desired. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Razor sharp: The photos of the iPhone 8 Plus really leave nothing to be desired. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Wireless charging: wireless charging is finally possible!

How long have we been waiting for this: The days when we had to plug in the smartphone somewhere are over for the first time with the new iPhone 8 Plus thanks to its wireless charging function. The glass back of the smartphone has not introduced Apple with this model for nothing. It serves namely to enable wireless charging ("wireless charging"). There are already a number of charging stations available from third-party providers that enable wireless charging of the iPhone. For example, there is a wireless charger from Mophie that does a great job in our review. The function is mature and allows reliable charging of the mobile phone as soon as it is placed on the station. The iPhone 8 Plus is still not charging very fast on the wireless charging station. But that should change with software updates in the future.

Wireless charging: Wireless charging works smoothly from the start. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Wireless charging: Wireless charging works smoothly from the start. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Conclusion of the test: Good reasons for the iPhone 8 Plus

Despite all the doom and gloom, there are good reasons to buy the iPhone 8 Plus in Space Gray with 256 GB instead of waiting until Apple releases the iPhone X at the end of October. Of course, the iPhone X is the real revolution this fall and with the borderless display of course, this model has a unique selling pointthat beats everyone else and certainly appeals to us just like all other Apple fans too. For this reason, of course, we will immediately order a model for testing and can present you here as quickly as possible with a large test.

Nevertheless, one can also order the iPhone 8 Plus with a clear conscience. It's a sophisticated smartphone, less impressed by such an advanced design, but convincing with its intrinsic values ​​across the board. The emphasis is on "mature". The model has no longer the typical teething troubles the previous versions. Was the iPhone 6 still the bandgate, went off with the iPhone 7 Plus the color and the paint has dissolved. The latter turned out to be quite uncomfortable because many users of scratching paint Apple 7 Plus was affected and Apple did not fix the problem because it was classified as cosmetic. All these issues seem to be easily fixed on the iPhone 8 Plus.

Together with the incredibly powerful chip, the fantastic new display and the completely newly developed camera the iPhone 8 Plus an excellent model for the next one to two years, You can not go wrong with the purchase. The wireless charging feature for wireless charging is also a nice gimmickthat should not have been missing in this model. The bottom line is: If you want to get an iPhone 8 Plus, the purchase is highly recommended!

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Update: iPhone 8 Plus long-term interim conclusion: sophisticated smartphone without bells and whistles

For almost eight weeks we use the iPhone 8 Plus in the endurance test. That's why it's time for a little interim conclusion. Because the smartphone turns out to be a real alternative to the iPhone X, currently with some teething troubles such as the OLED burn in the display has to fight. I would almost say: The iPhone 8 Plus is currently an iPhone X Killer. This is mainly because the iPhone 8 Plus is a mature and reliable device. We currently use it with iOS 11.2 and can only find that the device supports us well in everyday life. We particularly like the performance of the camera, which delivers the best results on all smartphones. Ironically, however, the iPhone X is a little better. Nevertheless, there are a few points that simply convince the iPhone 8 Plus:

  1. The smartphone with the glass back has a fantastic feel. It feels extremely valuable.
  2. The camera convinces all along the line and makes perfect shots in every light.
  3. The proven TouchID system can still be used.
  4. The battery provides fantastic run times. Despite heavy use he keeps the whole day.
  5. Wireless Charging: Wireless charging on the iPhone 8 Plus Works flawlessly.
  6. The LCD screen with TrueTone technology is the best non-OLED version ever built into an iPhone.

Solely the susceptibility for scratches on the case of the iPhone 8 Plus makes us something to create. Despite all the most careful treatment, the device is constantly getting new jobs. This is even worse with the iPhone X. The device is, according to reports, the most sensitive smartphone that Apple has ever brought out. The main reason for staying with the iPhone 8 Plus, is the weakness of the iPhone X. It not only struggling with the burning of the display, but also with other teething troubles such as green stripes on the display. We wanted to buy the iPhone X. and had it already for sale in hand, but then decided at short notice to stay with the proven. The iPhone X is not yet fully mature - and to act for 1319 Euro as a beta tester is simply too expensive.

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