Apple iPhone 8 Plus in the test: Much better than his reputation?

Switch to the new smartphone or wait for the iPhone X?

The new features of the iPhone 8 Plus

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Demanding users have always enjoyed using the iPhone. Ever since the beginning of the smartphone era, the Apple phone has been a groundbreaking device for anyone who wants to make their business and their everyday lives more productive. Especially with the 6er and 7er series there has been another big boost in this regard. For journalists and photographers For example, for the first time the smartphone camera could be used as a full-fledged photography instrument, which has overshadowed many other mobile phone cameras. And with the iPhone 8 Plus, Apple has once again managed to ensure a healthy productivity boost for users with the new, completely redesigned dual camera.

All new features of the iPhone 8 Plus at a glance

If the design is also unspectacular, under the hood much has become much better again in the new Apple smartphone, The iPhone 8 Plus now features a True-Tone Retina HD display, a brand new and fast-paced A11 Bionic Chip, and ultra-sharp, dual-camera, portrait-assisted dual cameras that take the sharpest photos we've ever seen from a smartphone. In addition, the new mobile phone supports wireless charging and is prepared for the great new "AR" augmented reality features. which will be on smartphones in the near future, The inside of the new iPhone 8 Plus can really astonish us!

New ultra-sharp Retina HD displays

Hardly you have the new iPhone turned on, it is already on: The new ultra-sharp Retina HD display with True Tone has since the previous model made a big leap forward. Especially with the true-tone technology, which was already available in the last iPad Pro, the iPhone display has become a whole lot better and more lively. The technology allows the display to adapt to the ambient light to allow natural viewing of the screen.

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More specifically, the white balance is repeatedly corrected so that it is constantly adapted to the light in the environment. The result should be a paper-like feeling when looking at it. The color accuracy of the display with its color display should be the best in the industry according to the manufacturer. In addition, the stereo speakers have been improved so that they provide even better sound with deeper bass and 25 percent more volume. A total of a really successful update of the predecessor!

The new A11 Bionic Chip is a hit - in the truest sense of the word

The heart of the new iPhone 8 Plus is the new A11 Bionic Chip, which will also be used in the new iPhone X. This processor is really awesome - for a smartphone, because it might as well boot a desktop computer. According to Apple, this is the fastest, most powerful and most intelligent chip that has ever existed in a smartphone. He has six cores, which are differently controlled. Two small cores for high performance and four cores for efficiency and energy-saving. Overall, the cores are between 25 and 70 percent faster than in the iPhone 7 Plus, This exciting new A11 Bionic chip also includes a graphics processor with three cores. The interaction of the different processor cores creates a performance that has never been seen in an iPhone and that also enables augmented reality, machine learning and 3D games.

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