iPad Pro 12.9 in the endurance test: Does the touchcomputer replace a laptop?

Is the iPad Pro 12.9 inch already a full computer?

iPad Pro 12.9 in the endurance test: The ideal companion in everyday life. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
iPad Pro 12.9 in the endurance test: The ideal companion in everyday life. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

[unpaid advertising, because product test] My iPad and I - that was from the beginning a love story. At first, I was skeptical that the device was not too big for me. But after almost one and a half years iPad Pro 12.9 in the endurance test, I know: hardly a device makes me more productive. Does the touchcomputer replace a laptop?

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When 2015 launched its first large iPad Pro 12.9 in October, my first thought was that it's too big and unnecessary. A portable tablet that has almost the screen diagonal of a laptop and also has similar specifications, no one needs. Much too similar is the giant tablet my MacBook Pro. The work that can be done by both devices would simply overlap too much. In any case, I thought: I'll never buy an iPad Pro 12.9. A few weeks later, I finally struck, just out of pure curiosity and playing around with "just for fun". But it did not stay that long.

A tablet for many tasks

I did not want to keep the iPad Pro 12.9! Instead, I just wanted to test it, try it for a while and then resell it. I also acquired it with such honest and open words to the seller. But then everything went differently than planned: The huge iPad turned out to be a true all-rounder, the by no means competed with my MacBook Pro, but in many life situations turned out to be a perfect complement to the everyday notebook. If you are used to the normal iPad or even an iPad mini, the big tablet has gigantic proportions. First of all, you have to get used to the thickness and the high weight. Well, both are really a disadvantage compared to the iPad Pro 9.7. The device is really much more comfortable in the hand. In a direct comparison of the iPads, it is actually incomparably more manageable and haptically simply more pleasant. Quite a clear disadvantage of the large handheld computer. But that was it with the disadvantages of the device. Because once the huge, bright, colourfast and stung sharp screen of the iPad Pro 12.9 lights up, even the biggest critic's eyes open. A bold print on the fingerprint sensor and the world of apps opens up on the gigantic tablet screen. In fact, Apple has not experienced a similar user experience with a portable gadget yet. The device is just great in the hand and intuitively you start typing on the touch panel and testing the gesture control.

Pretty big: The iPad Pro in size comparison with the Magic Mouse. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Pretty big: The iPad Pro in size comparison with the Magic Mouse. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

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When do I need the great iPad Pro?

Most critics have assured me that they consider the iPad Pro 12.9 to be a superfluous device that is not only too big and bulky, but completely useless. Just for the above reasons: The overlaps with the MacBook Pro are just too big. After my one and a half years of experience, I can now expressly contradict. The iPad Pro with the big screen belongs Among the most practical devices that are currently on the market, Even after more than a year, it has not lost its relevance. Although many fans are now the successors to Early 2017, the giant from Late 2015 still shows a fantastic performance. But when do I really need the great iPad Pro 12.9? We found out in the endurance test.

1. productivity

The giant display of the portable computer simply supports productivity in many situations: Who is creative, productive and traveling a lot, will love to work on the big computer. Both photo editing, video editing and text programs have become better and better in the past few months and work down to desktop level. I often work with Ulysses and Pixelmator on the device. Both apps are perfectly matched to the device and enable productive work, for example, on the plane or on the train. With the great iPad Pro, it's easy to take notes, edit photos and cut videos all the time. The device always scores points when you do not have your notebook with you or it would be a bit of a hassle to unpack and use your notebook. The power of the flat computer is optimally designed for this. With the iPad Pro many tasks are done quickly, for the otherwise you would have to start the laptop first, Not only are tasks completed faster, but experience has shown that it is more of a hassle to take on tasks because work is faster.

2. Watch videos and read

If the productivity of the iPad Pro 12 inch is not enough as an argument, then the gadget with the high-resolution, ultra-sharp display is simply recommended as the second TV. On the device can install various streaming app and watch videos of all kinds. High-resolution movies are just great fun on the big screen, because they are crisp and colorfast. And even reading on the device is extremely pleasant: Meanwhile, all major news magazines have developed their own app for the iPad and the iPad Pro. In addition, websites can be optimized and usually adapted to the screen size, so that you have the perfect reading experience at all times. Even books are rendered through the Retina display razor-sharp. I regularly read ePaper on the device. These digital magazines produce a truly blatantly more enjoyable user experience on the big tablet than on smaller devices. If there's nothing else I need the iPad for. Just to read it worth the purchase!

3. Surf the internet

The tablet is also particularly well suited to simply surf the Internet while sitting on the sofa with the browser. With a few exceptions, most content can be displayed in a browser-like manner on a desktop computer and does not have to be adapted for mobile use, for example on an iPhone 7 Plus, In this way, one often has a more intense user experience with the browser content and gets a clearer view, both when reading, shopping and viewing photo galleries.

4. Take notes with the Apple Pencil

Anyone who works a lot and creatively is well advised to take a few notes in between. It just works great with the Apple Pencil. Whether it's the meeting minutes or the brainstorming on the plane, iOS 11 is a fantastic way to take notes quickly and easily with the digital pen, and then easily process them further. A very great feature that helps you with daily work and makes my workday even more enjoyable.

The tablet ensures maximum productivity. Photo: Pixabay
The tablet ensures maximum productivity. Photo: Pixabay

Duet Display: Using the iPad Pro as an extra screen on the MacBook Pro

Especially when you're on the move and you do not have an external screen at hand, you can easily turn your iPad Pro 12.9 into an external screen. You connect it to the MacBook Pro via Lightning cable and install Duet Display on both devices. This is an app that synchronizes your devices and makes the tablet easily usable as a second display. Mind you, this is a full second screen. When you're on the road and you just do not have an external monitor on hand, the combination has often contributed to my productivity. Simply a great combination!

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Conclusion after one and a half years with the giant tablet

The big iPad Pro 12.9 has grown in my heart over the past year and a half. On several occasions I have thought about selling the device. But as a journalist you work a lot with text, images and videos, so that the device has established itself as an essential companion on the road. In combination with the Apple Pencil you can even make perfect handwritten notes and record all sorts of information for later processing. Whether on flights or outdoors in the park: everywhere, where the normal MacBook Pro too bulky, scores the iPad Pro 12.9. I always have the gadget in my pocket and as a constant companion with me. Even when exercising in the fitness center, it's great to watch movies on the treadmill or crosstrainer or read something while exercising. Also, the robustness of the giant tablet is great: even after one and a half years of continuous use, it still has relatively few scratches, makes a very good impression on the outside and has lost none of its value. The battery trumps on the already: at the time of purchase, the iPad Pro shone with its tremendous battery lifethat is still the strength of the world. Although there is now a slight memory effect, the battery still holds out a lot.

iPad Pro 12.9 Late 2015 buy cheap

All in all The iPad Pro 12.9 is the perfect companion for many situations in life and almost indispensable, If you do not believe it, you should test the device once. Once you hold it in your hand for a long time, it does not want to give up. Conveniently there is the 2015er model in the Apple Store Rebuilt buy. There you can get the devices now from about 600 Euro. Really a bargain for such a great device. We are waiting currently patiently on an iPad Pro 12.9 with borderless display, which could perhaps appear in the spring 2018, Who knows who knows..

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