Green tea: healthy is understated!

How healthy is green tea? We researched what science says.

Green tea Photo: He is said to have a number of positive qualities. | License: CC0 public domain
Green tea Photo: He is said to have a number of positive qualities. | License: CC0 public domain

[unpaid advertising because product test] Some people call green tea healthy, other than the healthiest drink in the world. In any case, this popular drink is packed with antioxidants and nutrients. It is often claimed that green tea helps against various diseases. But what positive effects does green tea really have on the body?

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Green tea is generally considered to be very healthy and has many fans who swear by the exotic drink. The dried leaves are available in numerous varieties such as green tea Sencha, Gunpowder, Temple of Headven, Gyokuro or Morning Dew. There are promises of salvation everywhere on the Internet: It is said that green tea is so healthy that it combats all sorts of diseases such as overweight, alsheimer, multiple sclerosis and diabetes as well as various cancers. However, this has not been proven by scientific studies. Science is still in its infancy with regard to green tea and health. First results, however, seem to confirm what everyone has long suspected: to call green tea healthy is understated. At least that is confirmed from the first cup. But what does science say about that? And what effects does green tea really have on your health?

Green tea comes to us from Asia. Photo: | License: CC0 public domain
Green tea comes to us from Asia. Photo: | License: CC0 public domain

Green tea: alternative to coffee

Hardly any of these rumors that revolve around green tea have been proven by clinical studies. Therefore, these statements are based on experience reports of green tea drinkers.

My personal history with green tea goes back in time: Today I am 30 and drank green tea for the first time with 15 years ago. At that time I bought a warmer and a nice teapot, which I still use today. I am actually a big friend of coffee and I drink too much of it every day: cappuccino, espresso and latte macchiato in large quantities - far too much coffee at the bottom line. Green tea is my compensation. After having three or six big coffees in the morning, I first cook a pot of green tea - Gun Powder or Sencha. And what happens then, I can hardly believe myself.

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Green tea feels so healthy

I guess that's because of the acidity: coffee makes me totally fidgety and unfocused. This may not only be due to caffeine, but probably also due to the high acid content in the coffee. My stress level increases during the morning, to stay awake and focused, I have to drink more and more coffee. A vicious circle. Because of this, I am often unfocused until noon and have a headache and a bad mood. That changes, however, as soon as I put my first pot of green tea at lunchtime. Already after the first cup and a short "exposure time" I feel much better than before, I am more focused, the headaches go away and I feel much happier than after my three to six cups of coffee in the morning. So it's like on vacation. Is that coincidence, imagination or is it actually the green tea?

In Asia, the positive effect of green tea has long been known. Photo: | License: CC0 public domain

Green tea: healthy is understated

If you want to find out more about green tea, you can find all sorts of healing properties of the popular drink on the internet: Cancer, Alzheimer's, high blood sugar or inflammation should be prevented by green tea. Supposedly, the green tea should also improve brain function, boost the fat loss and many other benefits. However, I would not believe such promises of salvation as long as no scientific studies speak for it. What you can really say for sure about green tea is one thing: after the first cup of green tea you feel fantastic!

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