Runtastic Results In Test: Freeletics Copy Or Great Fitness App?

We put Runtastic Results through their paces!

Runtastic Results in the test: Low Plank is also one of the exercises with your own body weight. Photo: | License: CC0 public domain
Runtastic Results in the test: Low Plank is also one of the exercises with your own body weight. Photo: | License: CC0 public domain

[unpaid advertising because product test] Runtastic Results is an app for training with your own body weight. The sequel of the popular Runtastic app thus follows the trend of calisthenics. Is the Runtastic offshoot just a Freeletics copy or a really good fitness app? We had Runtastic Results in the test.

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Everything basically started with us following Freeletics for Apple Watch have searched. We liked to use the app of the Munich-based provider and had to disappoint that the Apple Watch Freeletics app is no longer supported - on request we were informed.

Dreamteam: Runtastic Results and Apple Watch

  • Advertising - If you want to get really good results with the training, you should get yourself a smartwatch for training. With it you can achieve even better results with a little skill. My recommendation is the Apple Watch Series 2, which I use myself and which works seamlessly with the corresponding Runtastic Results app! These and other top smartwatches can be found on!

Runtastic Results in the test: The better alternative for exercises with own body weight?

We have Runtastic Results on the Apple iPhone 7 installed on iOS 10.2. Automatically, the current version was also set up on the Apple Watch. Compared to the competitor Freeletics Runtastic Results is relatively self-explanatory after the start. You can log in to my existing Runtastic ID via Facebook or email and automatically load your data from the other Runtastic apps. That works very well. You can then navigate through the Runtastic Results app and choose from a workout plan, individual workouts or exercises be shown in vivid videos, The app offers a relatively extensive free section, which includes several individual workouts and 33 150 practice videos.

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