iPhone 7 Plus in the endurance test: What do double camera, battery and new home button really do?

Hardly new: The display of the iPhone 7 Plus

Apple has screwed something not only on the colors, but also on the display: unfortunately only a little. As before, the iPhone 7 Plus has an 5,5 inch display that can display 16 millions of colors. The specifications do not change compared to the iPhone 6S Plus: It also has a resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels at a density of 401 PPI. According to Apple, the new iPhone 7 Plus compared to its predecessor, a wider range of colors, but in direct comparison is hardly a difference noticeable.

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Really good is that now more and more apps use the 3D Touch feature of the display support and on iOS 10 and subsequent versions the 3D Touch function offers significantly more possibilities and is much more useful for daily use. We've gotten used to using 3D Touch in a variety of ways, such as Shazam, where a single 3D Touch is enough to start Shazam and check a song. Even when using WhatsApp and some other apps 3D Touch is really good. For example, WhatsApp calls recently used chats directly through 3D Touch. What's a bit exhausting to the iPhone 7 Plus is that the display is so sensitive that you often trigger 3D Touch if you only want to use the copy function. Over time, however, one gets used to the differences in pressure sensitivity.

Better performance: the new battery in the iPhone 7 Plus

If it is not enough that the new dual camera is so excellent, the new battery is recommended: It lasts on average about an hour a day longer. What sounds little is really much in practice! You can already see very strongly that the percentage display moves much slower down compared to the previous models such as the iPhone 6S Plus, that we constantly hung on the power supply. We owe this innovation to the lack of headphone jack, which creates more space for a larger battery: the battery of the iPhone 7 Plus improves to 2900 mAh of previously 2750 mAh in the iPhone 6S Plus. What at first sounds little, makes itself clearly noticeable in everyday life: Despite intensive use of the iPhone 7 Plus has less often on the line and often it is even enough to simply load it as usual overnight. Hardly anything annoyed us in the past more than the constantly discharged accumulator, which was heavily run down by noon even with normal use as well as with intensive use. With the iPhone 7 Plus, the battery life has improved significantly and we are happy to hang the new iPhone much less often on the line. At least it is after four weeks of endurance test of the iPhone 7 Plus Sun - it is to be hoped that the battery persists permanently so well.

The new Home Button in the iPhone 7 Plus

One must first get used to this innovation of the iPhone 7 Plus: The new Home Button does not do anything when the iPhone is off. Only after switching it on, it moves at all and you have to calibrate it before it shows its full performance. But once he's started, he'll become really cuddly: Once you get used to the slight crack of the new home button, you do not want to miss it anymore. The new Taptic Engine makes a kind of click, if you press the home button, The click is pleasantly soft and nuanced, and you can also adjust it in intensity to your own wishes. First getting used to, the new Home Button of the iPhone 7 Plus shows up as a really useful new feature that makes pushing much more pleasant and significantly improves the user experience of the Home Button. The only thing that would have been better would be to let the home button disappear completely under glass. After a few weeks in the endurance test with the iPhone 7 Plus, we do not want to miss it anymore.

iPhone 7 Plus: Waterproof and somehow not.

As far as the waterproofness of the new iPhone 7 Plus is concerned, Apple is reluctant: Although they have made the iPhone 7 Plus waterproof and it is also IP67 certified, which corresponds to a European standard and reliable protection promises. Nevertheless, Apple is reluctant. The housing is only protected against splashing water, according to Cupertino. And besides, Apple gives no guarantee despite the certification on damage and scratchescaused by water.

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In practice, however, shows that the iPhone 7 Plus asserted much better in the water than it is predicted by the manufacturer. The iPhone 7 Plus also keeps it up to 1 hour in 1 meters of deep water. Trying out is at your own risk. For water sports enthusiasts and all people who spend a lot of rain outside, the iPhone 7 Plus is therefore optimal. For example, we tested it while jogging in the rain and snow and found that we were happy in the bad weather that is waterproof. We would not have taken our iPhone 6S Plus that way. Also other materials such as sand can not penetrate into the interior due to the lack of headphone jack and the all-round sealing of the housing, which will also be beneficial for some people.

Dream Team: Using iPhone 7 Plus in Combination with Apple Watch Series 2

The Dream Team is indeed the combination of iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2: If you use both devices together, they play each other in the hands: Who the Apple Watch 2 likes to be used as a fitness tractor, has with the iPhone 7 Plus the perfect companion for his watch. For example, when you open a fitness app on one device, it synchronizes quickly and reliably with the iPhone 7 Plus. Something was in the combination of the old Apple Watch the first generation and the iPhone 6S Plus and the old operating systems hardly conceivable. But with the new devices, with iOS 10 and WATCH 3 works the interaction between the devices excellent and fluid. The Apple Watch Series 2 in Space Black Stainless Steel we have also in the endurance test.

Our conclusion to the iPhone 7 Plus: A successful predecessor of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus is very inconspicuous, It only shows its true strengths at second glance. The design has not changed much compared to the iPhone 6s Plus, so this may not be the rage for a purchase. But - and that's a big one though: The intrinsic values ​​of the iPhone 7 Plus are convincing across the board and make us euphoric! The smaller iPhone 7 was never a choice for us: The small 4,7 inch iPhone 7 looks like a toy phone compared to the 5,5 inch display of the iPhone 7 Plus. For 5,5 Customs, the size of 7 Customs is far better for daily media tasks, if you want to watch videos and photos, and interact with others, not just sending messages. In addition, the dual camera is only available in the iPhone XNUMX Plus and not in the smaller model.

The Buy the iPhone 7 Plus can be justified in any case! The above features and the improvements beyond the design convince all along the line. One could also see the iPhone 7 as the third improvement of the iPhone 6 series and receives from these points of view a fully developed device, which can be handled excellently and with iOS 10 brings handy functions with itself. That's why our recommendation is: Switching to the iPhone 7 Plus is worth it - if only because of the great photos. Meanwhile, we are eagerly waiting for the upcoming iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, of which, of course, we expect a lot accordingly: A completely redesigned innovative device - the killer iPhone. The iPhone 7 Plus is definitely a worthy predecessor an upcoming iPhone 8 (Plus) and the upcoming iPhone X with frameless display and TrueDepth camera.

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