Training app: Freeletics not supported on Apple Watch?

And suddenly she was gone: Where is the Freeletics app on the Apple Watch?

Exercising with your own body weight is very popular: Has Freeletics abolished the Apple Watch app? Photo: Pixabay
Exercising with your own body weight is very popular: Has Freeletics abolished the Apple Watch app? Photo: Pixabay

[unpaid advertising, because product test] Freeletics initiated a small revolution in fitness training a few years ago: Optimized training plans kept users in shape without an expensive gym. Currently, Freeletics 12 has millions of users worldwide. To the iPhone app, there was also an additional support for the Apple Watch - which apparently does not exist anymore.

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Training with your own body weight is still very much in vogue. The Munich-based provider Freeletics has become one of the most important players in the market with the fitness training with its own body. For his training you need the smartphone-App Freeletic Bodyweight, in which you can load the individual training. Users of one Apple iPhones could have a long time on support on the Apple Watch looking forward. It does not seem to exist anymore.

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Apple Watch with Freeletics: App quietly disappeared

On the Internet and in the iTunes Store, the astonishment of some users is currently great: Apparently, the support of the Freeletics Bodyweight App for the Apple Watch quietly and secretly adjusted - or at least interrupted. Accordingly, the disappointment of some users who their Apple Watch used for freeletics training. Looking for Freeletics support for online Apple Watch, you can still find corresponding pages in the search engine - but these can no longer be called up. What's up with Freeletics? Will there be an Apple Watch app in the future?

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