Buy a MacBook Pro 2016: Prefer a new laptop or a new car?

[contains unpaid advertising] Last Thursday, Apple unveiled the new MacBook Pro Late 2016. With the LED bar and faster processors, the specifications have not really surprised. The price, however, already. Almost the question arises: Will I make the new laptop or do I prefer to buy a new car?

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The presentation Apple held there last Thursday evening in Central European Time was not exactly overly speculative: the long-awaited new one was presented MacBook Pro 2016 with the already pre-leaked specifications and the - once again by a small technical glitch - also previously leaked final design. There was nothing else spectacular to announce: a TV app for the Apple TV was presented - whether this potential revolution of live TVs is ever published in Europe, is not known. Nothing new in the West - in California. That could be the meager résumé of the "Hello again" event.

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Apple MacBook Pro: Since 2015, the model has not been renewed - that could now change with the Apple MacBook Pro 2016. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Apple MacBook Pro: Since 2015, the model series has not been renewed - this has now changed with the Apple MacBook Pro 2016. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
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