New Apple Thunderbolt Display 2016: Will it be presented today?

Some professional users have long been waiting for the release of a new Apple Thunderbolt display. Photo: Pixabay
Some professional users have long been waiting for the release of a new Apple Thunderbolt display. Photo: Pixabay

The Apple Thunderbolt Display is one of the most visually appealing external displays on the market. Represents Apple at today's event next to the new one MacBook Pro 2016 also a new external Thunderbolt display before?

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On the 23. June 2016 has stopped Apple from producing the current model of the Thunderbolt display and only selling off the models on the market. But is that enough indication that Apple is presenting a new Thunderbolt display at today's event? There are good reasons for it and against it.

Apple Thunderbolt Display 2016: It should be able to

The expectations of the new Apple Thunderbolt display are large: Previous speculation assumes that the new high-end display could have a resolution of 5120 × 2880, equivalent to the current 27 inch Retina iMac. Also, the design of the new screen should be adapted to that of the iMac, with a practically no longer available width of the display and very thin edges. In addition, it is suspected that Apple will launch this new Thunderbolt display in partnership with LG Electronics.

Thats 1: That's why the new Apple Thunderbolt display is not presented today

When 2016 discontinued production of the current Apple Thunderbolt display in June, an Apple spokesman said there was a good selection of third-party displays. This statement has fueled speculation that Apple could withdraw completely from the market for external displays. Other analysts speculated that a new display would be released sometime in the future. Current assumptions are based on the latter variant.

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