Apple Watch Series 2 Stainless Steel Space Black in the endurance test: Is the purchase worth it?

How well does the top smartwatch in the endurance test?

Apple Watch Series 2 turned on: Now she shows what she can do

Since optically compared to the Apple Watch Series 1 has not changed so much, the look certainly can not be a purchase criterion for the new variant. So we press the power button and see what is hidden under the sapphire crystal. And that can really be seen: already after switching on, you immediately notice that something has changed. The display is brighter and the buttons are more vivid, respond faster and lead faster through the menu. It's really fun to set up: in the blink of an eye, we've paired the Apple Watch Series 2 stainless steel in Space Black with our iPhone 7 Plus, and the back-up of our old smartwatch is automatically loaded. who the Apple Watch Series 1 has recovered more frequently, will remember how miserably long it took to restore the clock from a back up. That too is much faster now!

The Apple Watch Series 2 Stainless Steel in Space Black: Health is Everything

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As soon as we have configured the Apple Watch Series 2 ready to start, the first window pops up on its own: the Apple Watch under watchOS 3 immediately reminds us that we should breathe properly and asks us in the new app "Breathing", one Perform breathing exercise. This is unfamiliar, but the idea of ​​pausing and focusing on breathing is not bad - and just the right feature for a wearable. It is immediately clear: At The new Apple Watch is all about health and fitness - and that suits us very much!

Just the GPS functionality and the waterproof of the clock up to 50 meters were for us the most important purchase criteria, because one athlete and water fan with the smartwatch of the first generation could not start as much as it would have made sense. But with the Apple Watch Series 2 that changes now quite in detail: we have tested the clock in recent weeks extensively in the sport and of course also taken into the water - and even in the sauna.

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This led to the following results: Thanks to the GPS module you can Finally, use the Apple Watch Series 2 while jogging and doing all the outdoor outdoor sports outdoorswithout having to carry his iPhone. This is great for athletes, of course, because even a Bluetooth headset can be connected to the Apple Watch and users can load their favorite music directly to the clock. A workout without annoying tags is therefore nothing in the way. Measuring distance also works much better.

That's why it's really fun Use the Apple Watch Series 2 for water sports: whether swimming or surfing makes the watch a good looking figure, as it also uses the GPS in the open air and can record distance accurately or in the indoor area measures the number of lanes and also indicates an exact distance, if you previously entered the lane length manually.

Apple watch milanaise
Apple Watch Series 2 in stainless steel and Space Black: So good is the new Smart Watch from Cupertino really. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Apple Watch Series 2 in the sauna: can that be good?

Yes, it can! Of course, trying it out is at your own risk - we've tested it and found that the Apple Watch Series 2 is also an incredibly useful tool for sauna sessions because it can measure heart rate during a sauna session and indicate when the heart rate is too high, so you should leave the sauna better. In addition, it measures of course the length of stay in the sauna and shows how much time you have already spent in the sauna. The problem that arises, of course, is obvious: The Apple Watch Series 2 in stainless steel gets very hot in the sauna very fast! That's why you should think carefully about whether you really want to take the clock with you in the sauna. To prevent heat, we wrapped a small towel around the Apple Watch Series 2 and found that it did not heat the watch and kept it at body temperature throughout the special session. The use of the clock in the sauna is of course at your own risk.

Unlock MacBook Pro with the Apple Watch 2: Our Personal Killer Festure

Our new favorite feature of the Apple Watch Series 2 stainless steel in Space Black, however, is not in the gym, but is a very simple additional skill: Once you have turned on two-factor authentication on the Mac, you can activate under watchOS 3 and the new macOS 10.12.1 Sierra, that the Mac automatically with the Apple Watch unlock, if the user in the immediate vicinity of the Mac or MacBook and the device wakes up from hibernation. Using the new macOS Sierra 10.12.1, this feature works flawlessly and saves the password entry several times each day on the Mac, If there was no other reason to buy the new Apple Watch Series 2 - this feature would be enough as it is so enjoyable. Accordingly, our conclusion on the Apple Watch Series 2 in stainless steel Space Black also falls out.

Conclusion: Apple Watch Series 2 stainless steel in Space Black in the endurance test

The Apple Watch Series 2 in stainless steel in Space Black is, in principle, the watch we set ourselves in the Apple Watch Series 1 with Milanaise Bracelet initially desired and expected. Unfortunately, it took another year for this watch to hit the market. But in the endurance test, the Apple Watch Series 2 is doing so well that it's a definite purchase - certainly for people who have used the Series 1 before, and certainly for those who have been holding back so far. The differences are so blatant to the first model that it seems incomprehensible to us that Apple has not completely removed the Apple Watch Series.

The second edition offers exactly what we expect from a smart watch: the Smartwatch supports us daily in all productive activities, on the phone and above all extensively in fitness and health - reminds us to do sports and records our progress so that we can then analyze it. The clock is faster, more powerful and more precise - in addition, the battery in the daily use but much better than that of the previous model. All in all, the Apple Watch Series 2 in stainless steel in Space Black is the smartwatch we originally wanted with the Series 1.

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