New Apple Products 2016: Apple Watch Series 2, iPhone 7 Plus and MacBook Pro 2016 - what to buy?

[contains unpaid advertising] For Apple fans, the fall of 2016 can really go into the money: In early September, the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2 were presented. The end of October is followed by the MacBook Pro 2016. For which products should Fanboys win the card and what not?

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For nerds and Apple fans September is always a bit like the beginning of the autumn shopping season. The leaves turn yellow and fall from the trees and we all too often make ourselves comfortable in front of our Apple TV. And this year again, the presentation of our new favorite gadgets took place. When Tim Cook and Co. introduce the new products, we prick up our ears: New features, even more productivity and, above all, even better haptics await us frequently. So again this year?

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Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Not more than a 6 SE?

We knew yes, all that comes: A new iPhone, called the iPhone 7, but looks almost the same as the iPhone 6 and in the big not really much more: better camera, new colors, faster processor, a little more battery power and a new home button - that's nice-to -have, but a big litter is not. A dual camera with two 12 megapixels is already an impressive feature and beats in our test the camera of the predecessor model by lengths! Even if she stands out of the case, she takes the smartphone photography to a new level. Even the homebutton is not bad, you get used to the pungent cracking while pressing quite quickly and then really do not want to miss it anymore. The difference in battery performance we have barely noticed in everyday use and the faster processor loads the apps just a few milliseconds faster.

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