Tusa Liberator Sigma II Jacket tested: How does the Liberator dive?

The Tusa Liberator is an excellent buoyancy compensator for beginners. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
The Tusa Liberator is an excellent buoyancy compensator for beginners. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

The "Liberator Sigma II" jacket promises effective weight relief on the hips. How dive it with the liberator?

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I just have to touch that! The brand new "Liberator Sigma II" looks so robust, that I want to paint over it and at the same time pull on it and pull. The first impression: I like the feel. The well-finished seams, the 500er Cordura nylon and the smooth plastic patches on the pockets make a sturdy impression.

Although the "Liberator" does not sound minimalistic in terms of features, it is a lightweight at around three kilograms. When assembled on the bridge, the back plate clings to the bottle thanks to the two plastic bombers. Four pads prevent the tank from slipping. The "Rite Tite Buckle" system solves an annoying old problem when threading the bottle belt. The buckle does not have to be pulled up to straighten, it stays in the open position by itself. The inflator fits well in the hand, is flexible and the patented "OPEV" system ensures fast inflation and deflation.

Video from the TUSA Liberator Sigma II in action in Egypt

Tusa Liberator Sigma II: Waist Support reduces the weight on the hips

Waist Support is designed to reduce weight bearing on the hips by working closely with the shoulder strap, back plate and cummerbund, according to the manufacturer. And indeed, I can easily handle the eight kilograms of lead in my pockets. The padded back plate also protects the backbone. That's where the name becomes a program, because the "freelancer" effectively relieves pressure. Although the lead system is under the outer pockets, they offer plenty of space. Secured by a double zipper, stows lamp, deco buoy or camera easily. An aha effect comes then at the buddy check. Since buoyancy and harness, so the carrying system of the jacket, are separated from each other, the bubble does not affect the fit. Even fully inflated, the liberator does not restrict me and still sits perfectly. 17,3 liters of buoyancy in the tested size M keep me well balanced even on 40 meter deep dives. The combination of lead pockets and trim lead allows a pleasantly relaxed water position - weightless and free, as it should be.

Product features of the Tusa Liberator Sigma II

Type: ADV jacket

Material: 500er Cordura Nylon

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Weight: 3,2 kg (size M)

Buoyancy: 17,3 liter (size M)

Double bottle suitable: no

D-rings: five (one stainless steel)

Lead integrated / trim lead: yes / yes

Price: € 299

Conclusion to the Tusa Liberator Sigma II ADV Jacket

No scuba diver needs more. A wonderful full-featured ADV jacket, which is also great for beginners.

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