Diving suit Xcel Thermoflex TDC in the test

Sascha Tegtmeyer put the Xcel Thermoflex TDC through its paces in Egypt.
Sascha Tegtmeyer put the Xcel Thermoflex TDC through its paces in Egypt.

Xcel has come with the Thermoflex TDC, a suit in the program that will warm the wearer and make it more active. We had him in constant use in the Red Sea.

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The moment you do a diving suit The first time you take it out of the bag and the smell of brand new neoprene gets into your nose, one thing counts most: feel and look. He looks good with the shoulder patches and the big blue logo on the chest. Curious looks of the buddies on the safari ship are included: "What's that for one?" The wearer hears more often, because the Xcel is already a chic! The neoprene is soft and flexible - the manufacturer calls the "UltraStretch". Amazing how quickly you can slip into this suit - and still he sits like a second skin! While others first take a shower to wet the neoprene, the zipper on the back of the Thermoflex has long been supple. The diver simply puts his arms through an equally simple and effective cuff that gently clings to the wrists. On for continuous use in the Red Sea!The Thermoflex lives up to its name - convincing flexible seat and heat storage!

Thermo Dry Celliant - What is it?

On the other hand, the new owner is looking more skeptically at the interior: The fabric of the inner lining with the red grid pattern and the red and yellow batik on the arms and legs looks like 1975 in the past. But beware of quick judgments! Once hand-stroking this unusual, soft fiber, and the future suit wearer senses that this fabric was not made to look pretty. He can really do something: The inner fiber with the promising name "Thermo Dry Celliant" (TDC) transforms the body's heat in infrared energy, which is stored longer, make the wearer more efficient and reduce the cooling during the dive, according to the manufacturer.

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"Thermo Dry Celliant": The material keeps divers longer warm and makes longer trips possible. Practical: Reinforced knee pads meet, for example, Sidemountern kneel while dressing. The shoulder patches not only look good in the "X" look, they also decrease it the abrasion through the jacket, "Donut seal": The simple cuff sits comfortably on the wrists and provides plenty of freedom of movement. At the ankles sits a fine inner and a generous outer cuff, which is fixed with zipper and Velcro. The neck cuff is not too tight and is optimally adjusted at the back with a Velcro fastener.

Video: Xcel Thermo Dry Celliant clearly explained

Fire baptism of the Xcel Thermoflex TDC in the water

We have to try this out right away! Because the optical properties of a suit lose their relevance at the moment when the diver standing in full gear on the platform of the safari boat and taking a big step forward. If the cool water runs down the top of the neck cuff, only the inner values ​​count! Two to four dives a day for two weeks, lasting from 45 to 80 minutes at 18 ° to 22 ° in the Red Sea in Egypt had to endure the Xcel. That's not very short - how much "Thermo" is there in the Thermoflex? The answer is: a lot! At the latest on the fourth night, even the hardiest starts to shiver - the "Thermoflex" is no exception. But while the first buddy signals "freeze" after 45 minutes, the Xcel can easily cross the 60 minute mark, making you feel fresh but never seriously cold. And back on deck, you're welcome to spend a few more minutes in the suit, warming up the diver right back, as the material catches and transmutes the body heat released. The "Thermoflex" has the endurance test Therefore passed with flying colors!

Product features of the Xcel Thermoflex TDC

Type: Wet semi-dry

Thickness: 3 mm 5 mm 7 mm

Hood: optional

Zippers: arms legs neck / head

Cuffs: yes

Standard sizes ladies / men: yes

Extras: Knee pads Instrument holder Headrest holder

Price: from € 439

Conclusion for the Xcel Thermoflex TDC

This suit makes you happy! The name is program - flexibility and thermal insulation are great!

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