New projects:, focus on lifestyle topics and more

Sascha Tegtmeyer launches new projects.
Sascha Tegtmeyer launches new projects.

The new direction is: With the new website, there is also a realignment of my personal side - in the future I will focus more on different topics in the area of ​​lifestyle, fitness, health and nutrition.

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For years I have been intensively involved with the private and professional life Theme of water sports in all its facets: For the year Top Special Verlag I looked after the website as an online editor, content and SEO manager. is one of the leading online media in the field of diving, Now I have my own water sports portal started and am pleased to be able to portray the whole range of water sports. - Water sports in all its facets

In addition to diving, I am intensively interested in many other types of water sports: To give my passion for water sports a face, I have been running the website for a short time. On this page, I not only deal with diving, but all aspects of activity on, in, on and under water. I spend - at least in the summer months - almost every day a certain time on or in the sea or lake - Weekdays often at the Hamburger Alster.

Hamburger Aussenalster: Top Spot for Stand Up Paddlers. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Therefore, covers all aspects of water sports: surfing, surfing, windsurfing, traveling, stand up paddling SUP, kayaking, diving and freediving, water skiing and jet skiing. In addition, I dedicate my own category to life in the water, wildlife and the environment - because water sportsmen come too often in contact with the various marine animalsso there are often spectacular news in this area. is my newest baby, which I would like to promote with all passion in the future.

Wellenreiter can be found on all major social media channels





Wellenreiter & Helden: text agency, online marketing and SEO in the field of water sports

I also want to make more use of my expertise in online and water sports in order to advise customers on content and to work together with interested parties from the areas of surfing, diving and all forms of activity on and in the water worldwide. Communication strategies with the connection to websites, blogs, social media, To develop newsletters and various other channels. Nothing is as important as communication on the Internet - this of course also applies to customers who are active in the water sports industry. Targeted, customer-oriented communication must therefore be the alpha and omega in order to win the hearts of athletes and thus new customers. To be found in search engines and to interact with users on social media channels should be a matter of course nowadays - but it is often not. That's why Wellenreiter & Helden helps companies in the water sports disciplines and offers tailor-made concepts to enable them to communicate with their customers online and make them a success story. Wellenreiter & Helden is available to customers from now on.

Focus on health and lifestyle

While the subject of water sports and the associated travel will be covered by in the future, I will be increasing my knowledge on in the future Dedicate topics of health, fitness and lifestyle, as I have already begun some time ago with my reviews about the Apple Watch. A central topic in the future will be diet supplements from LifePlus. For years, I have been an independent partner of the American company, which is a world leader in the field of high quality nutritional supplements for daily care. It is therefore all the more important to point out the high-quality products more clearly in the future and to motivate people to pay more attention to their health and to live a healthier lifestyle. LifePlus is the ideal partner to create more energy, to be healthier and more balanced.

I can be found on LifePlus on my own website:

Through this page interested parties can inform themselves about health, the ideal combination of high-quality nutritional supplements as well as a membership in my team.

There is much to do

It's very clear: There is much to do! I'm happy about everyone, now and in the future participate in my projects and support me in my work.

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As a journalist, passionate diver and ambitious stand up paddler, I've become more and more specialized in water sports topics. For several years as an online editor, content and SEO manager for the year Top Special Verlag in Hamburg, I edited the leading diving portal editorially and am at home in the water sports industry. My passion is the sea and all the activities that can be practiced on, in, on and under water. To give this child a name, I created - for all people who love the sea - love to travel and water sports like diving, surfing, stand up paddling.