Conrad Hasselbach Shoes and Garment - Menswear and hunting supplies in Hamburg-Harvestehude

Conrad Hasselbach in front of his eponymous store in Hamburg-Harvestehude. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Conrad Hasselbach in front of his eponymous store in Hamburg-Harvestehude. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

The well-known men's outfitter and passionate hunter Conrad Hasselbach from Hamburg on culture, tradition and the perfect dress code for forest and land.

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A hunting business in the middle of the big city? Most of the time you will find Conrad Hasselbach in his exclusive shop at Klosterstern in Hamburg between welted shoes, "moleskin-shooting jackets" and handmade cases. The store is all his pride. Whoever comes in, quickly believes that Hasselbach was born as a hunter. "Not true," says the learned merchant. "I did not make my appearance until after 1991 with 23 years in Schleswig-Holstein!" The father was a forest man in Lower Saxony and his father, uncle and grandparents went hunting, says Hasselbach. "Tradition has always existed in our family. The passion came to me later, because without the passion and heartbeat our hobby would be mere pest control, as unfortunately some of our fellow human beings would like to see it! "Even as a small boy, he had been on the seat and used as a driver ,

"We got a D-Mark from our father for the dismantling of rabbits or rabbits," Hasselbach proudly reports. According to his judgment, culture, passion and dress code are very closely related to hunting: at the beginning of his professional independence, he discovered a blatant lack of affordable British footwear. at Equipment and accessories for hunting alike. Hasselbach relied on natural materials: "I love nature while hunting, the fresh air and calm down in a very hectic and fast-paced world. Perhaps that is the reason why I almost always prefer natural fibers in hunting clothing. They do not spring from industrial mass production, but from our very own food chain. These materials are, after years of use and stress, the reflection of what we have experienced in the pursuit of our passion: successes, failures, persistent perseverance, physical labor, coldness and warmth. "

Conrad Hasselbach in Hamburg: hunting equipment comes to a large extent from the United Kingdom

Most of the equipment comes from the UK: tweed and moleskin jackets and breeches, handcrafted rifle and shotgun bags, wild-style ties and cufflinks, and hand-woven hunting stockings for men and women are included. His attitude to hunting dress code is also clear: "I do not like the efficiency-based culture of the rapid-fire shooters at all. Hunting is not a sport! "The appearance of some contemporaries is really surprising:" Hunters should not run around like a paramilitary partisan association! "Military uniforms are a no-go. But of course he is aware that, for example, a welding dog handler needs a different equipment, notes the expert. Hasselbach himself puts more emphasis on understatement, sturdy thread and leather accessories from the UK, Germany and France.

Hasselbach has turned the passion into a profession

The over the city limits Hamburg's well-known retailer has two rifles in use. Both are heirlooms: a repeater Steyr-Mannlicher-Puch Kal.7.64 he got from his father, a double rifle. Heym's 9,3 x 74 from the thirties was left to him by his grandfather. His favorite areas are the Lüneburg Heath, Fläming, Ostharz and southern England. travel dreams Hasselbach still has with his hobby even after all these years: Rominten in the former Ostpreussen for Hirschbrunft and chamois hunting in the Alps wants the father of three still. He wishes that his children inherited the Passion as well.

The first signs are there: they definitely love the game kitchen and preparation. He reports proudly about his most beautiful experience in the forest: "The first buck - a weak yearling - I overshadowed on an early morning in May with the first shot of excitement. My second shot was sitting! My father had then blown the goat and I was allowed to start it alone for the first time! "

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