Apple Watch Milanaise in the endurance test: Can convince the processing?

How well did the processing of the Apple Watch Milanaise work and where are problems?

Basically, one can say that the smart watch is quite surprising - both in the positive and in the negative. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Basically, one can say that the smart watch is quite surprising - both in the positive and in the negative. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

[unpaid advertising, because product test] For nearly two months, I have the Apple Watch Milanaise in the endurance test. The shiny silver stainless steel case and the chic, delicate bracelet have become my faithful companion that I hardly want to miss in any situation. However, when it comes to the functions and processing of the Apple Watch Milanaise, a more diversified view is appropriate. What succeeded and what can be improved on the Apple Watch Milanaise? Update from October 2017: The Apple Watch Series 2 and Series 3 have significant improvements in processing. All details at the end of the article.

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Basically you can say that the smart watch quite surprised - both in the positive and in the negative. Below is a detailed overview of the Apple Watch Milanaise in the endurance test.

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The processing of the case of the Apple Watch Milanaise

After unpacking, the Apple Watch Milanaise clearly has the wow effect on her side. The shiny stainless steel case and the thin Milanaise bracelet make it a haptic to fall in love with! You want to touch them, hold them in your hand, put them down and do not take them off again. It does really well on the wrist and radiates around in its exposed position - especially as the magnetic clasp is infinitely adjustable and allows a perfect fit. One may argue about form and design, but the feel gets a smooth 1. But what about the processing?

Does the case easily get scratches? The Apple Watch Milanaise I did not spare when wearing. It sits in place on the wrist and is exposed to all influences, bumps and touches. Even if one behaves cautiously, one kicks with the Apple Watch Milanaise - as with any other watch too - often times, gets stuck or scrapes over a surface. If you use the surface of sapphire crystal and stainless steel for a certain amount of time, the smartwatch is completely covered with fingerprints after a few hours. Only a shirt sleeve or a polishing cloth helps to give the Apple Watch Milanaise a shiny look again.

Scratches neatly add to the smartwatch

So far, so good - but what about the scratches on the watch? Our relentless test has the clock already added properly, On the positive side, the sapphire crystal did not get a single scratch and looks completely new even though no protective film was used. Even before, there have been endurance tests that have shown that even coarse impacts can not harm the glass. This clearly speaks for the quality of the material, which has mastered this tough test with flying colors. It looks quite different with the stainless steel!

The upper, permanently visible part of the case is dotted with small scratches that are clearly visible only at close range, but are very disturbing if you know they exist. Much worse it looks with the Underside of the Apple Watch Milanaise: The watch has scratches for scratches, especially where the wristband and case touch more frequently. However, this may be a specific problem of the Milanaise model. In any case the scratches on the Apple Watch bracelet there practically came in by itself and I can not give a hint at this point, how the scratching at the Apple Watch Milanaise prevent it.

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