Apple Watch Milanaise functionality in the test: Appearance is everything?

We have extensively tested the functionality of the Apple Watch Milanaise!

Apple Watch Milanaise: How about the features of the supposedly best smartwatch ordered? Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Apple Watch Milanaise: How about the features of the supposedly best smartwatch ordered? Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

The third part of the test series on the Apple Watch Milanaise is about the functionality of the high-tech watch. While in the first part and the second part of the product test optics, haptics and processing were in the foreground, this article is about the functionality - and thus the usefulness of the Apple Watch. Therefore, the question: What is the high-tech clock really capable of?

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Pretty to look at is the Smartwatch when it blinks on your wrist, Especially with the update to watchOS 2 and the associated new background images is the Apple Watch Milanaise a real eye-catcher.

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If you move your wrist, even shot photos or the new moving live images flash and attract the attention of those around you. The watch looks good, the workmanship is topp and still you are a real exotic when wearing the timepiece from Apple on the wrist. If so few wear the clock so far, that could be an indication that I have not sold the device so well. is the Apple Watch so a superfluous gadgetthat you simply can not use? Our practical test gives an answer!

Since you can leave the car directly: With The sports features of the Apple Watch makes endurance training twice as fun, Imagine the following situation: You are sitting in the meeting, two hours or more pass by, and your smartphone is already running a WhatsApp message after the next, which you can not answer. Some of them really important like those of your girlfriend: "What do we want to have for dinner today? I'm in the supermarket right now, let me know quickly! "That could really be a lot of stress if your hands are tied for a few hours. Not so with the Apple Watch:

A careful, unobtrusive Pressure on the crown of my Apple Watch Milanaise, a quick flick of your index finger through the current message and a short tap on the WhatsApp message you want, so I can reply with emoticons or ready-made answer phrases. Who adapted these answers before to his needs like "Can not. Decide you! ", Won. Within three seconds, I have a quiet message in the meeting with my help Apple Watch Milanaise answers without attracting attention and disturbing the other meeting participants. This is just one example of the extremely meaningful functionality of the Apple Watch, as it only stands out in the endurance test and shows how the modern one Wristwatch can make your life easier.

The functionality of the Apple Watch is tested in this report: so far it seems to be in need of improvement. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
The functionality of the Apple Watch is tested in this report: so far it seems to be in need of improvement. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Apple Watch with genuine programs for more functionality

Especially with the introduction of watchOS 2, the functionality of the watch has improved dramatically. Besides some visual enhancements such as different ways of designing the clock faces about with live pictures of the new iPhone 6s and 6S Plus, too The functionality of the apps improved once again Compared to the first version of watchOS: The small programs on the clock are now running gradually iPhoneare independent and installed directly on the clock so they start faster and have more functionality. A good example of this is about the Facebook Messenger, which is already fully functional on mine Apple Watch Milanaise is working. You can manage your messages there, read and answer them with emoticons and, as explained above with the example of Whatsapp, ready-made answers. Furthermore, you can reliably dictate and send your own sentences via Siri. The speech recognition from Siri is now better than ever and works permanently reliable.

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