Tauchreisekataloge in the test: Where is the next trip?

Where should the next dive trip go? A diving travel catalog provides information. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Where should the next dive trip go? A diving travel catalog provides information. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

[contains unpaid advertising] Colorful illustrated and shiny appearance: Dive travel catalogs are again fully in vogue. We examined the compendiums of ten specialists.

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For a long time cataloging was considered a sport from grandma's time. Anyone who was smart has compared on the Internet and booked at the cheapest provider. Stinginess was cool. But these days are over: Premium travel and individual holiday concepts are in demand. The dive travel catalogs provide a quick overview of the most important destinations worldwide and are the ideal reading for rainy Sundays. Most of them are sitting in front of the PC, but if you start a colorful holiday catalog in a relaxed atmosphere, this is an experience for friends and family. Once readers have been infected with wanderlust, they often find direct dial-in as a personal advisor for the individual holiday package or link to the Internet, where they can book their dream trip directly.

Custom dive packages included. Browse, get advice, book favorites and look forward to the holiday: This is the cycle, dictate the new diving catalogs. The concept has prevailed with the organizers, because new goals and changes in the offer are so common that constantly new catalogs would have to be printed in order to keep them up to date. With the offer variety it is great that with the travel providers quickly an expert goes to the phone, who can come up with advice and insider tips.

So we have the Tauchreisekataloge rated

Being colorful and looking beautiful is one thing. What each of the travel catalogs really has to offer, we have examined more closely and analyzed using different categories:

■ Appearance and layout: high gloss or noble in matt. How is the magazine in your hand?

■ Navigation in the catalog: Who searches, who finds. Or not?

■ Destinations: scattered around the world or regional priorities?

■ Descriptions: detailed and detailed or rather clear?

■ Additional information: What can you learn about countries, people and dive sites?

■ Pictures: expressive professional shots or just snapshots of amateurs?

■ Prices

■ Service and advice

■ Highlights

■ Our totally subjective opinion on every catalog

Dive Travel Catalog of Sun & Fun Sports Travel

"Tauchen.Tauchreisen.Draumreviere" is not only the most comprehensive catalog that the tour operator has ever published, but also a wealth of personal recommendations and tips from the travel experts of the provider. You can immediately tell from the catalog that many of the Sun & Fun employees feel at home underwater and have often turned their hobby into a career.

Occurrence: matt with professionally designed, very clear layout Number of Pages: 131

Navigation in the magazine: excellent, thanks to colored table of contents and a large world map. The legend with signs for price categories, information on family friendliness and the subjective "Sun & Fun Quality Check" provides a quick overview of the most important information.

Destinations: worldwide focusing on Africa and Southeast Asia. Oman, Sri Lanka and Bahamas are new to the program. East Timor is included as a particularly extraordinary destination for the first time.

Descriptions: lively descriptions with information on location, accommodation, rooms, meals. The highlight is the additional box "Our opinion", in which Sun & Fun rates the destination. Additional information: extensive with climate tables, regional and dive site information, expert opinions and graphically designed maps

Photos: Varied photos of hotels, nature and diving areas that make you want to get to the regional sights above and under water. Scope of services and prices: no exact prices in the magazine, but a label in five price categories

Service and advice: Sun & Fun attaches great importance to personal advice. Many employees are shown with a photo and literally stand for quality with their name

Highlights: The provider attaches great importance to the individual planning of trips. The subjective quality check and the price guarantee complete the offer. In addition, great emphasis is placed on family-friendly vacation planning.

■ We think: A completely successful catalog, which is very professionally designed. Due to the numerous personal statements of the employees on the travel and quality guarantees offered, Sun & Fun creates confidence in its offers. Since the search makes for the next diving vacation really fun!

Plan the next dive trip now - using a dive trip catalog. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Plan the next dive trip now - using a dive trip catalog. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Reisecenter Federsee - Diverse destinations and great Maldives special

The colorful glossy catalog "Tauch- und Kulturreisen weltweit" of Reisecenter Federsee feels so good that you will not put it down again. The inner values ​​also convince: The booklet offers a high level of clarity and a worldwide offer. Schmankerl: The Extra Catalog "Maldives. Diving, Snorkeling and Enjoying "is in no way inferior to the big brother.

Occurrence: High gloss with lovingly and clearly arranged layout Number of pages: 111 (plus Maldives special catalog with 36 additional pages)

Navigation in the magazine: simple, colorful and easy to grasp, on a whole page

Destinations: worldwide with various roundtrip and dive safaris plus "Maldives Special"

Descriptions: Divided into location, hotel, accommodation, food and sports & entertainment, the descriptions provide a clear overview of everything informative and often in a nutshell. Dive centers are each presented separately on a quarter page.

Additional information: Information about the country are short and concise and combined with maps.

Pictures: very good, varied shots of well-known UW photographers like Norbert Probst, Paul Munzinger and Frank Schneider

Scope of services and prices: A price idea is given in the magazine, but at the same time referred to the current, detailed price overview on the website.

Service and advice: The team introduces itself in the front of the catalog and offers its customers individual service and personal arrangements. Highlights: round trips, safaris and fork flights are offered. The additional catalog "Maldives" is sophisticated researched and invites you to dream with strong shots.

■ We think: the DIVING AWARD winner has published a colorful, lovingly designed catalog. Class!

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