Tauchreisekataloge in the test: Where is the next trip?

Where should the next dive trip go? A diving travel catalog provides information. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer
Where should the next dive trip go? A diving travel catalog provides information. Photo: Sascha Tegtmeyer

Colorful illustrated and brilliant appearance: diving travel catalogs are back in fashion. We examined the compendiums of ten specialists.

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For a long time cataloging was considered a sport from grandma's time. Anyone who was smart has compared on the Internet and booked at the cheapest provider. Stinginess was cool. But these days are over: Premium travel and individual holiday concepts are in demand, The dive travel catalogs provide a quick overview of the most important destinations worldwide and are the ideal reading for rainy Sundays. Most of them are sitting in front of the PC, but if you start a colorful holiday catalog in a relaxed atmosphere, this is an experience for friends and family. Once readers have been infected with wanderlust, they often find direct access to the personal advisor for the individual holiday package or the link to the Internet, where they can book their dream trip directly. Custom dive packages included. Browse, get advice, book your favorites and look forward to the holiday: That's the turn that the new dive catalogs dictate, The concept has prevailed with the organizers, because new goals and changes in the offer are so common that constantly new catalogs would have to be printed in order to keep them up to date. With the offer variety it is great that with the travel providers quickly an expert goes to the phone, who can come up with advice and insider tips.

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