Smart packaging - underwater housing for smartphones

With the smartphone in the water: This works best with an underwater housing.
With the smartphone in the water: This works best with an underwater housing.

We have tested it: Underwater housings for smartphones are very much in vogue, because you can save the use of an underwater camera in this way. But does technology really do what it promises?

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The triumph of the Smartphones is unstoppable. To take the beloved jack-of-all-trades into the water is not without its problems and causes a queasy feeling among many users. Because: Job contacts, e-mails, photos and music are lost if the water comes in, if they have not been previously secured. All the more important is a reliable protection for the noble, often hundreds of euros expensive piece. The range of protections on offer is huge: from splash protection to the noble housing for tech divers with 300 meters draft is all there. The price range starts at ten euros for softbags and extends beyond 400 euros for the high-end aluminum hardcover. The mobile photographer can thus choose from a wide range of different caseswhich differ mainly in design, feel, handling and price.

The big disadvantage of all containers in the test is that the internal flash must be deactivated during use. Therefore, the shots often get a clear blue cast even at shallow depths. However, lightning can often be retrofitted externally, which makes UW protection a real alternative.

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